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  1. @jerome looking *really* good! Any chance of an example of a game-style terrain? Something with a first person character running around on grassy hills with a far view distance + fog so we can see how it performs in a more real-world use case.
  2. Keep at it! Terrain is a tricky topic but you're smart so I'm sure you will get it Could you make an example with the terrain view distance of about 1km? I'd love to see how this performs on larger scenes.
  3. Woo! This looks really nice. The speed seems really good although I'd like to see how this looks with a high detail terrain with texturing and far view distance - thats where my implementation started to show it was slow.
  4. Cool. Thanks for the articles I've kinda given up on this myself, but I am happy to share the typescript code I have if you feel like trying to make it awesome, Babylon is still lacking a decent terrain engine.
  5. Used to be, but I've moved now, soz
  6. I think I'm going to move away from Babylon for now... I can't get this working well enough to make my game, so I think I'll try an engine that has a working terrain already.
  7. Dal


    Ah he follows the camera... nice
  8. The only way I can think of is to write some "fake threading" code that gets called every frame, reads a fixed number of bytes each frame, then saves where it was up to and yields.... then the next frame it picks up from that point and continues. So your large import can be gradually built up over a number of frames without freezing. Would be good if someone could write such a loader for Babylon
  9. @NasimiAsl You are always making such amazingly smart stuff that I feel I would love to use but I have no clue what I could use it for I could imagine this could be evolved into a very pro (expensive) tool for building designers and architects to prototype, since they can quickly sketch layouts and ideas for new malls and business parks. Maybe you should develop it in that direction and get rich Btw you could incorporate this browser-based SVG editor into your tool if you like - its open source so you could modify it to generate exactly what you need to build the 3d directly
  10. Hey guys, is there a way to remove the input delay on the free camera? I find it doesn't seem very responsive, it seems to react with a noticeable delay even when the framerate is high. I've tried various settings on the camera but I can't seem to solve it.
  11. Hmm, so why not then? I'm just thinking, if we have a huge scene with lots of different meshes, players, lights etc. and we want to move the whole thing (e.g. so we can have an infinite world size without worrying about the numbers getting too huge), it seems more natural to me to parent them all to a root:Node rather than a dummy empty mesh.
  12. @adam Cool, that works,... but then if Node is the base class of Mesh, Light and Camera, and all of those have a position, why don't we just define position on Node instead? Then instead of an empty mesh, we can just have a named base node, which would be cleaner wouldn't it?
  13. All the children of Node have a position, but Node itself doesn't, so how can I just attach lots of things to a Node and then move the parent?
  14. Gah... I can't seem to solve the loading lag... even with threading and everything it just seems to take too long to add the children, I wish it was possible to see exactly which line is causing the issue
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