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  1. Thanks Tom, I opened up phaser.d.ts and edited the line: leftButton: boolean;to leftButton: Phaser.DeviceButton;and now it works as expected. The KeyCode vs Keyboard issue is pretty minor since they both work, but I'll make sure to change it when phaser.d.ts is updated. I'm glad it wasn't something silly that I made a mistake with though. Thank you for the help and quick response.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm playing around with TypeScript and Phaser for the first time. I started off with plain Javascript/Phaser in Sublime and got a little game going where I could move a sprite around the screen and click to shoot. It worked relatively easily which was nice. Then I decided to switch to TypeScript and Visual Studio because intellisense and the class/inheritance syntax looked like it would make things easier. I still have hope, but I've run into some problems. The first issue that came up was setting up WASD controls with AddKey. I tried to use the recommended var movementLeftKey:
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