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  1. Ok I try to explain:

    On the left side falls a playstone, on the right side u have the other playstones or pieces whatever it's called.

    u have to order the pieces  that it results in a solid rectangle block in which the falling stone fits!!

    ORDER THE PIECES ON THE BOARD EVERYWHERE U WANT, if it is matching then u can dran drag THE WHOLE BLOCK to the left bottom side where the falling stone fits into,

    u get points for every solution if u are quick and u use the arrow down symbol it falls very fast if it fits u get extra points.

    Than randomly there will be created new stones do the same again, the stone on the left falls faster u further u come u play for the highscore.

    Here a picture that explains it hopefully:



  2. Hi i made a Tetris variant -  Tetris in reverse so iI called it Retris, u must sort the elements like shown in the screen.

    The drag and drop is'nt the phaser default function because there are groups and not single sprites.

    The grid/snap moving is a simple formula:


    in the update function:

    curMouseX = game.input.activePointer.x -difX;
    rasterStepsX = Math.floor(curMouseX/gridTile) *gridTile;

    puzzleTiles[actSprite].x = rasterStepsX;


    gridTile are 32px so the Math.floor cuts the movement in steps just as simple as that.

    So leave me some feedback if u want:



  3. Quote

    wonder if you came up with the rules yourself or this is some clone.

    Hi it ' s no clone! At First I had in mind : "Ok let's try a bubbleshooter  I delete playstones, but then what???, ah ok they can swap, ok just start it" It took 2 months since I had it in mind, then i just started with programming and the depot on the right side was just  an idea that came up while this development, i would design levels but only if people play it somewhere, otherwise it makes no sense to me. A bruteforce algorithm would be also possible to get always succesfull in the game, but then u can play so bad and it's still winable - i dont know, what i still want to add is to increase the joker odds when a lot of black stones are in the left board. Anyway i have a already an odds-function.

  4. Hi @all, here i show you my Bubbleshooter the rotation is a sinus custom function i didnt find a Phaser function for that (spinning elements should not rotate on their own).
    One plays with random random board and  u play for highscore. I would like to publish it somewhere has someone ideas where?

    So thx for feedback.

    play the game.




  5. Hi thx for playing it :)

    Yes there is no algorithm included to check if its possible to win !!!
    It's a working draft, and I must think about the gameplay, maybe stones like the joker with special abilities, and of course an algorithm that creates a board where a solution is possible but still random.

  6. Hi@all,

    here i post my project of a bubbleshooter with WIP-graphics and WIP-gameplay :)

    it'just the beginning...

    i need some inspiration and ideas to make the game

    -not too easy (challenging)
    -with random levels - which are possible to solve
    -increasing diffifculty
    -unique gameplay anyway

    How the game works so far:

    Goal: Clear the stage.

    Shoot the bullet on the board,

    if the colors (and symbols) are matching the game piece is deleted,

    if not, they swap the colors,

    the rainbow-stone is a  joker, u can shoot it on any game piece and it will be deleted from the stage.

    If Stones get deleted, u get a random colored new bullet (shown on the right under preview)

    Now there are no algorithm included to make the game possible to solve, as i said im starting with it just.

    So i hope maybe someone has inspirations or ideas to make the game challenging.

    Thanks for comments!

    Here the Link:



  7. Hi, I build a Mind Game with jQuery and CSS3 - heavily using of CSS3 features like animations and transitions and styling-stuff, so no pictures included (except for the background)

    I don't know why animations have a better performance than transitions (testet on my tablet).
    I tried to put into an app with Intel XDK but it's very slow, that  disappoints me.... :(

    Now i would like to see it published somewhere, has someone suggestions?

    So feel free to comment!

    Here the Link Magic Swap