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  1. I want it to be like the user drawing the line between the dots... it doesn't look like it now.. http://game.hop.co.il/odelia/html5/connectTheDots/
  2. I'm trying to do a Connect the dots game. what is the best way to do this? I created points and a line sprite between them and when you click on the first point and over the line you draw on a bitmap data. it's not the best solutions.. That's the main code: var connecttheDots = connecttheDots || {}; connecttheDots.GameController = function(state, gameData){ this.state = state; this.game = this.state.game; this.gameData = gameData; this.TweenAnimation = new connecttheDots.TweenAnimation(); this.SoundMannager = new connecttheDots.SoundMannager(this.g
  3. ok, it's fixed! for some reason I had this.stage.disableVisibilityChange = true
  4. Hi, I have a game with audio and for some reason it still playing when out of focus I used the same code from other game that don't behave like this.. why is that? this.load.audio('msx_main', ['assets/audio/main.ogg', 'assets/audio/main.mp3']); var msx_main = this.game.add.audio('msx_main'); msx_main.play("",0,0.2,true); It does stop on IOS but not on desktop or Android HELP!!! Thank you
  5. The smoothed is already true.. The image-rendering supposed to be if I want it to be crisp.. no? the Auto is already defined by default...
  6. I change the PNG to 512/512 and it's still not smooth... The lines are crisp. This is the PNG file:
  7. I have a game were the user put stickers on the stage. he can scale them and rotate... The PNG file is in a fitting size so the user can scale it without loosing quality. But, when I scale the image down it is crisp... Why is that and how can I fix it? Thank you :]
  8. yeah.. that's what I thought... Thank you.
  9. I have a project where the user have a menu of items (let's call them stickers) and he place them on the stage. I want them to be able to edit them (scale and rotation). I don't want it to be a toolbar but a display on the element itself. I found what I need but it's on fabric.js Can I use that code on Phaser? Can I find a library that does the same thing for Phaser?
  10. I do style the button with inline css. I just need to figure how to get the correct data (size, location) from the phaser canvas with the scaling.. for example - if the phaser canvas scale in 2.5 then i would scale the button the same.. but how do I get the phaser scaling?...
  11. When I set the Phaser to scale = show_all I don't get the real data of the size and location that i need... I want the button to look like it part of the UI... Do you have any suggestion?
  12. I want to do an input button in phaser. Now I have it in the HTML but I want it to be part of the game... <input id="browseinput" type="file" accept="image/*" onchange="getImage(this)" class="inputfile" /> <label for="browseinput"><img id="browserBtn" src="assets/images/UI/uploadBtn.jpg"></label> Is there any way to do this?
  13. Thank you mattstyles! it worked! I first load the image in the HTML and then I pass it to the phaser...
  14. Also, when I try to add the image-data without uploading - i see it only when i refresh without clearing the cache. when I do clean the cache i don't see it... preload: function() { var dataURI = '...'; var data = new Image(); data.src = dataURI; this.game.cache.addImage('image-data', dataURI, data); }, create: function() { this.game.add.sprite(0, 400, 'image-data'); }
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