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  1. can forum admin just use cloudflare? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/
  2. Short answer: yes it is possible. But You need to be more specific about what do You want to achieve
  3. Question for html5 game devs who sell their games to sponsors and portals. Do You use some CRM solution for managing Your relations with sponsors?
  4. Checkout this topic And this blog https://www.truevalhalla.com/blog
  5. replace for (var x= 0; x < 4; x++){ e.push(e[4][x]='hole'); } with e.push(Array.from({length: 3}, () => 'hole')); EDIT: Whole code I would refactor var e = Array.from({length: 4}, () => Array.from({length: 3}, (() => 'tile'))); console.log(e); //0: Array [ "tile", "tile", "tile",], //1: Array [ "tile", "tile", "tile",], //2: Array [ "tile", "tile", "tile",], //3: Array [ "tile", "tile", "tile",], e.push(Array.from({length: 3}, () => 'hole')); console.log(e); //0: Array [ "tile", "tile", "tile",], //1: Array [ "tile", "tile", "tile",], //2:
  6. I've heard about HTML5 games business several years ago but decided to start in 2018 so I'm newbie. Can You tell me if I understand this market right? Tier 1: You sell non-exclusive licenses in marketplace like codecanyon or scirra store. Average price is between 20$-60$. You can expect 0-20 sales (codecanyon provide numbers). I've noticed that most projects are Construct2 projcets. Is it becaouse it's popular among devs or market prefer this more than javascript sources? Tier 2: You sell non-exclusive licenses to publishers like softgames/spligames/etc. Avera
  7. As individual or as whole intermediaware studio?
  8. Can You say how many games did You license?
  9. As in topic. It's not critical but it's annoying
  10. var e=[0,2,1,-1] console.log(e.indexOf(-1)); // 3 https://developer.mozilla.org/pl/docs/Web/JavaScript/Referencje/Obiekty/Array/indexOf
  11. "My question, is Phaser capable of this type implementation?" yes, Phaser is good option for You but... "Create a website with ASP.NET[...]stored on a SQL DB[...] a HTTP request will check Billy's account" This is where I see problems. I whould reccomend You to change your backend stack to NodeJs + Mongo database and connect through websocktet. IMO easiest way is meteor https://www.meteor.com
  12. If Phaser performance is not satisfying for You, then only option is vanilla js
  13. Community of stackobverflow was working on documentation for most popular technologies. Project is closed but the results are downloadable as pdfs http://goalkicker.com gamdevs should checkout this http://goalkicker.com/HTML5CanvasBook/ http://goalkicker.com/JavaScriptBook/ http://goalkicker.com/TypeScriptBook/
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