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  1. Thanks for the feedback - we'll be removing the blast/stop effect (or maybe setting it as an option) and updating the keys this weekend!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, those are good points. We'll rearrange the keys on the keyboard to space them out a bit more or make them configurable.
  3. Hey everyone, wanted to let you know that after about a year of on-the-side hobby work, my friend @secretrobotron and I have launched our collaboration: Paddle Force. It's built on top of the matter.js physics engine and uses CSS and Canvas for the graphics. Audio and Gamepad support is handled with browswer APIs. Try it here https://flobotron.itch.io/paddle-force Let us know what you think of if you have any feedback or questions! Best way to play is with a pal and a couple of gamepads.
  4. Awesome game, just played a few rounds with my girlfriend. It's really accessible and easy to grasp. I think it's a little too easy to get the 3 star rating. I would also like a little bit more drama in the revealing of the percentages - it would be really nice to see the shape float apart into the shapes that I cut it into and compared somehow. Some way to visually indicate the difference in shape area would be cool, especially when making weird cuts that "seem" similar in size. Great job!
  5. Appreciate the feedback guys, thanks for checking it out. I was thinking of creating a track editor, or at least letting people upload their own tracks - I think with the small image size, it would be easy enough for people to feel like they could make something fun to race on. I'll work on making the single player mode into more of a sequence maybe, where you can unlock the tracks in order by getting medals.
  6. Hey folks - I'm new to the board and wanted to show you a little side project I'm working on called Pixelracer. You can try it here - http://pixelracer.herokuapp.com It's all built with HTML, CSS and JS and runs on tiny track images (around 40x40 pixels) that are scaled up a bunch. The logic of the tracks is all based on the HEX colors of the pixels, so it's easy to make and edit tracks. Currently you can race against other players that might be online, or try to challenge for the medals on each track in the single player mode. Use the arrow keys to drive. Let me know any feedback you have, particularly around how to make the single-player experience more engaging. Cheers!
  7. Is it possible to change the default mouse cursor to an in-game crosshair or something like that? Took me a while to figure out what I was supposed to do. I like the graphics, the explosions are quite satisfying!