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  1. Am I wrong or is someValue nowhere defined? So maybe you could put a 'test' string there to return? Because if someValue is not defined someAttribute will give you a undefined too.
  2. Hello guys, I have some big problems with the performance by switching tabs and the rendering progress. Maybe some of you can help me. (Sry for my english I give my best.) The game about I'm talking is to find under: https://dsbmg.de/slotdemo/app.html It's a slotmachine I build. The big problem is, that some users would like to play the game in more than one tab and some tabs are in background sometimes. Thats why I done the following. The backend is a php file which is doing the whole math and connecting to the database to save player-data for each bet and other things.
  3. Thank you for your feedback. Sure I can update the game in the next days a bit. More levels are no problem, the game has an own editor to generate as much levels as wished. That you got all levels with 3 stars is good. Most people who tested it before often asked, if it's possible to get all 3 stars most of them failed first time on level 2. Thought it was easier but some people think on other ways but it makes them play and play again, so the idea behind is good I think. Will try to make the total package a bit better.
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Sascha and I'm developing websites and games. Here on this thread I want to offer you some of my games. (step by step), if you are interested in one game, please contact me on info@kloesges.de. All is possible, just to buy a single-use license, a single-use license with you're brand, a exclusive license (if not sold in another way until the request comes in), to buy the source code or graphic templates. Just contact me, I'm openminded for a lot of ways. The games offered in this thread are build with javascript and the frameworks jQuery and phaser.io.
  5. Hey guys, for a game I'm creating at the moment I want to use checkboxes in Phaser, so I build a little addon. The addon will automaticly integrated into the Phaser.GameObjectFactory and you can use it for free. After loading the js you can use game.add.checkbox() to create a checkbox. The checkbox is build with a sprite(sheet), textfield and button, has it's own state and predefined input/events It has getter for state, getter and setter for position, could be disabled and has the options to add events to input-over, input-out and input-up events Here you f
  6. I'm searching for a sounddesigner sometimes. Is it possible for you to make sound effects for slotmachines? Greetz
  7. I think you can use groupname.destroy(); to kill it. http://phaser.io/docs/2.4.4/Phaser.Group.html#destroy
  8. I started 10 years ago by programming websites and gamling games using HTML and Flash. Now I mostly use HTML5 and Javascript to develop games. Sometimes I used native JS with CSS without any framework like phaser. After all the years my experience are, that there are a lot of possible ways to build games, but with JS and frameworks like phaser it is a lot easier to build games. And in fact, you can build them to a lot of plattforms. Phaser games run directly in browsers, with jQuery you can use a backend server easily and than there are tools like web2exe or intelxdk to transform the ga
  9. I think on this board are a lot of developers but publishers will have a look to so, if someone is interested in buying gambling- or casualgames let me know. I created over 100 slotmachines (just a few in HTML5, the rest in Flash) and some little casualgames (Idle, Match-3, Find-Differences). The most of the casualgames would be experimental, but some of are played since month and bring me users to my sites and revenue sharing. Games are a nice way to catch users and bind them. Here are some Screenshots: If you're interested in buying a licence just send me an em
  10. Hey Guys, I'm a freelance developer since 2005. I'm developed about 100 slotmachines and other gambling stuff, build some casual games and working as webdeveloper on serveral projects like cashboard.de (winner of the SevenVentures Pitch Day 2014). At the last weeks I worked a lot with phaser and build some HTML5-Slots with it. Now I'm searching for some new experiences. If you need a programmer for your website or a game, feel free to contact me. MySkills: HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Phaser PHP, MySQL, Symfony2, Doctrine, Twig, RedbeanPHP Flash, ActionScript 2/3 Some Dem
  11. Here I want to show you a slotmachine I build with Phaser. It has a PHP-Backend to generate the games and has a lot of options to make some gamesettings. The slot has 5 wheels with 9 symbols, 4 different autoplayoptions and a fastplay mode. I added a screenshot function, that a user can make a screen, if he gets a big win. You can test the game here: http://adf.ly/1SnFai
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