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  1. Hi Nagwal Thanks for the kind words and the bugreport. I haven't found a way to avoid mouseclicks registering on the transparent part of the Arrchievements board. If anyone knows of a way to mask Phaser.io clickable elements so only the non-transparent parts are clickable, I'm all ears! Kind regards - Jakob
  2. Thank you very much! I am very glad you like it If you have any ideas for improvements, let me know. Kind regards - Jakob
  3. Just a quick post to let you know about a new Phaser.IO adventure game that went online on April 1st (no joke! ) The URL is http://www.fsmgame.com Synopsis In the game you play the italian pirate Al Dente, who is out on a Holy Quest, trying to find gold, rum and fabled relics. The game has a progressive Arrchievements system built in ("A" to toggle), where the players can track their progress towards the much-sought title of Master Pirate! Technical info It features a procedurally generated world, which is validated for playability using the astar.js library, until a valid world is created. There is a minimap as well, which shows more and more of the world as it is discovered It is possible to play the game using keyboard or mouse/finger clicks, making it usable for both mobile, tablets and desktops It is possible to toggle music on/off and fullscreen on/off I am working on a highscore list using localstorage. Later I will add an online highscore list, to make it possible to compete against friends Feedback and ideas/bug reports are very welcome! Kind regards - Jakob
  4. The controls are Phaser Buttons - so they would need to be painted on the canvas /Jake
  5. Unfortunately the map is WAY bigger than the canvas/Phaser game.... /Jake
  6. Hi drhayes Thanks for your suggestion. The only trouble is that the functionality which scrolls the map, when the player gets close to the border would make the player go under the controls.... /Jake
  7. I need to show some gamecontrols by the side of the map, so I'd like to be able to crop the area used to display the tilemap on, to make room for the controls. I've looked at cropRect, but it doesn't seem to be what I need. Is there a nifty function I've overlooked? /Jake
  8. Fixed it myself... a ) add a global variable var currentTile;b ) set up the tileindexcallback as usual (TileType.chest is the index of the tile type) game.map.setTileIndexCallback(TileType.chest, this.hitChest, this);c ) in the callback function check whether this tile is the last one hit, and if it is - return immediately, otherwise do stuff, and remember this tile in the global variable: hitChest: function (sprite, tile) { if (tile === currentTile) { return } else { currentTile = tile; }; //do stuff },/Jake
  9. Hi I am coding a small tilebased-top-down adventuregame. I'm learning Phaser as I go along, and I've discovered the setTileIndexCallback method. map.setTileIndexCallback(tileIndex, callBackFunction, this); It's working like a charm ... except for the fact that I only want it to trigger the callback function when my character enters the tile. It seems as though every Update() triggers the callback function as long as the player and the tile overlap. Is there any way to alter this behavior so it only triggers when the character enters the tile? Kind regards - Jakob