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  1. Hey goldenration, I've just finished playing that game to completion and it was very cool. However I don't find any strong similarities with my game as they feature different controls and graphics. One can say that they both use retro-style pixel graphics but that would be too broad of a category to judge by. I think what led you to think both games were similar was the characters' hairstyle (although the one from Spacescape looks cooler ). The truth is that everything nowadays is inspired by something that was inspired by something else. What I believe that matters, is that developers are a
  2. Hi mattstyles, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "spacebar or click/touch"...is it a grammar issue or a gameplay issue? In fact, if you first click, then the spacebar will be locked and won't be usable until you restart the level or move to the next one. However, if you press the spacebar first, then you can use both the spacebar and the mouse buttons on the same level, kind of an issue that came up...but since I don't see a reason why someone would want to switch controls during the same level, I just let it slide. In terms of replayability, the number of jumps taken is a really
  3. Actually, the source code is fully available through the browser itself, just press Ctrl+U (on windows) to check the source code, and then check lines 26 through 33, where you'll be able to see the entire source code for each state of the game individually.
  4. Hi everyone! Thanks for all the feedback! I've been receiving a lot of complains regarding the movement of the coins, so I'll make the hitbox for the coins static in the next update of the game. I'll also go ahead and allow the player to jump using the spacebar.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies! Blue Infinity, a new mechanic is introduced at level 11, so give it a go! Yes, the game can be a bit unforgiving at times, especially near the ledges like you said, but since the levels are small enough, it shouldn't take long to clear each level. I'm glad you like the theme song, I like it a lot too! It wasn't easy to choose the right song, but I think the fast-paced electronic genre fits the game nicely.
  6. Hi everyone! I've been playing with the Phaser framework for a few months now and have recently released my first game on both mobile devices as well as web browsers. The game was developed using Phaser and Tiled for the level design. I've also used the CocoonJS wrapper to submit to the app stores. I'll leave you with a description for the game below, as well as some screenshots and links to play it. Description: Join our hero in his quest, raiding through dangerous ruins in search for the most precious relics. Move fast, avoid the obstacles and
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