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  1. For big things we need more people.

    I setup sever (raspberry) alone I code logic alone Nejc help me with rotation I develop models Alon set database Alon I test each level and added coliders alone, this take me 2 years. I study BabylonJS alone. I do apk alone..


    I will not list here what all I am doing....



  2. 18 minutes ago, NasimiAsl said:

    i think you most talk with someone for make it general ?  and you most be flexible for make some changes (i don't know  -  maybe some gift or score or multiplay ) but if you try that be good  

    Yes there is lot thinks which can be added

    Multiplayer multicameras socket webrtc

    And finally

    This hands


  3. Under international intellectual property protection law this ideas and product "Perplexus Open Shadow 3D game" nobody can steal this game and ideas!!

    I just need some BIG game company Like Sony , Microsoft, Playstation Nitendo, Unisoft or any other BIG company to LISTEN TO ME WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

    I am just waiting who will offer me and support this game and idea to finish what is not jet finished. But I will not wait too long anymore. I will go to big cities alone and try to find someone. 

    There must be someone somewhere to believe me what I am talking about. I'll not hide in my room alone and do more more more about this game.


  4. Perplexus is not just for players 

    But also for building new perplexuses with boxes and upload it in database of perplexus albums...

    Play and build chalange friends.

    This game will always be free. All what I want is that people will understand true story about perplexus Shadow Open.

    I just want 1000000 players or more and many bulders and rise perplexus models in albums...

  5. Thank you @Deltakosh

    Thank you @Wingnut

    @coolroar Thank you.


    I need gloves I want to grab each perplexus with Augmented reality.

    This game can become hit someday .

    Still should add random random sequence picking up numbers in maze.

    It should be turnament duel or more players who better time. 

    There could be unlimited perplexuses builders from one box. One perplexus is built with 100 or 200 boxes or more.

    I want Lego physics boxes components who's will allow kids or people to build and breake perplexuses .. 

    I need Lego support...

    I build perplexuses alone and upload them. Now is collection of 60 perplexuses. I should teach people to built it with blender .

    I need more true believer for this game.

    My intoition is telling me this game is gonna be BIG hit someday. Like Pokemon or even more.

    I am currently alone developer. I need big company believer I need more people.

    I have multiple scleros sclerosis and pshyhosis problem. I believe I should work harder and harder but I can't . I work in Slovenia for 1000€ recently I code box app like Dropbox backed with nodejs.

    Perplexus could be also maze with glass and ball inside boxes someday.

    There is still lot work to do and I confess I can't do alone anymore...


    I am sick MS and pshyhosis I can kill myselfe . I done Whit this game. If anybody is interesting and true believer for this game to push push forward contact me....

    Just big game company should could finish this game. And maybe Lego company...

  6. Player can first set camera from (left/right side) and than lock camera with LOCK icon and
    than you can move camera up/down but only left/right.

    It s much easier to play and less confusion with camera managing around ball.

  7. On 5/19/2018 at 9:59 PM, NasimiAsl said:

    i need buy a game pad for that

    Which gampad do you have intention to buy?

    If did play with 
    Google Cardboard VR + Gamepad bluetooth + Nexus 5x.
    I add some in game with bluetooth html gampad api.... But I did not have time yet to finish test it ... Maybe it will work ...


    and bluetooth


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