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  1. Hello Looking for publishers of blogs,sites and forums for our upcoming project. Visit the link below to take part in the survey and once you get approved by our team, You could be paid for working with us. http://goo.gl/lzRCQF And please, share this post with others. Thank you!!!
  2. Thank You for all of your reviews and finally i got one buyer and now the was sold. Soon i will showcase my other games. Thank a lot everyone....
  3. Hello, Thank you for reviews. After going though all the reviews, I updated and uploaded the game and I request you to please revisit the link, play the game and review it again.Thank you
  4. The simple ball based game, The task is to throw the ball into the empty glass kept randomly on floor. The only condition is to throw the ball with minimum one bounce on the floor. The player will get 10 turns in one round. Just try to score maximum. We are looking for buyers to buy/license the game. Also Bloggers/publishers may embed the code into the their website/blog to entertain the visitors. Just copy and paste the code below on the landing page. check out the game visit: http://goo.gl/bU0io5 For publishers/bloggers may copy the below code into their sites. Code copy and paste anywhere in your website: <a href='http://goo.gl/bU0io5' target='frame'> <img src='play.png' alt='bounce-it' title='game link' /> </a> use image as play.png for http://goo.gl/bU0io5
  5. Hello, I am HTML5 game developer and my games are publised on firefox marketplace https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/bounce-it/ and few more listed for approval http://13games.net63.net/. Please check links and If you like my games contact me at rohanmitthal@gmail.com. Regards, Rohan.
  6. Hello, We have full pack of simple HTML5 games (around 10 to 15) the playable demos are provided on your request, We can also develop games on your demand too. For licensing games please contact me at rohanmitthal@gmail.com.