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  1. OK, the x and y coordinate seems to be the center of the world, not the top-left border. I think i have to handle the top-left collision by myself.
  2. I want the world bounds to be smaller than the screensize. I'm making a breakout clone. The ball should collide the world at y=100, not at y=0. I've set the world bounds with, 100, ...). But there is no effect. The same with the x value. Only the change of the width and height parameter works. It's no problem, to handle the collision by myself, but it would be nice to handle it with phaser instead.
  3. I use Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL. But i think your solution has nothing to do with my problem.
  4. Is it possible to make the world size smaller than the screen size? When i set the x and y coordinate of the world bounds to 100,100 (, 100, ...)), the collision still happens at 0,0. The change of the width and height seems to work.
  5. Hi, i've got a problem with the RetroFont. When i change the text, the tinted texture won't update. Is there a way to update the tinted texture? thx!