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    i like the gameplay i think it's creative however i think you should make a relation between score and number of balls, once you manage to hit a ball back, you receive one point regardless of how many balls there are ! i believe that once you have too much balls , hitting a ball back should give you more than 1 point
  2. Thank you for sharing this, i also played the game, and i think it's quite cool
  3. Thank you for taking the time to write this comment
  4. It's a great game, i do really like the mechanics of the game, the levels are well made and polished, so is the graphics and the sound effects. I do think though that level 7 is unnecessary - if i understood correctly it was there to tell the player that you can destroy ice shapes, and that was made clear also in level 8.
  5. This is a simple memory game, where you have to remember the pattern and click the tiles to reveal it again. easy mode is easy, while hard is really hard, because you have to remember the pattern with the order. You can also create random generated levels. This is my first game - i have only once made a truly small math python game (only text version). Any feedback is appreciated I was going to make a responsive version of this game so i can export it to ios and google play, but i'm wondering if is it worth it or not, because as the game creator you can not judge your game objec
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