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  1. Hello, I am getting a strange bug in chrome with the pointer lock API. When using chrome on windows 10, the mouse will randomly move to a new location as I move the mouse around. I have repeated this bug on seperate machines. Works fine on firefox. Here's a play ground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#H9FRSI#2. I removed the non chrome pointer lock stuff. Pointerlock code for chrome: scene.onPointerDown = function (evt) { canvas.requestPointerLock(); }; I would really appreciate any help on this! Thanks!
  2. Maybe it's only on my computer? I'm on osx el Capitan. For me on Firefox, with any game that uses freecamera, if I click and drag it acts weirdly. IM on El Capitan. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/?9. Try this in firefox. Now go fullscreen and click and drag around you'll see strange mouse behavior.
  3. Also same thing happens in firefox here: http://www.pixelcodr.com/tutos/shooter/game/index.html. This is Temechon's (Julian's?) game.
  4. My game I've been working on is an fps trainer thing. But it is having problems on firefox. Here's the game: http://srimshady.itch.io/babylon-test?secret=04dJ4gBhSMoo5rgFsqaaJFIyU0 (press m to access the menu and f for fullscreen) Right now it has a problem on firefox where if you click and drag, then the sensitivity goes berserk. Try it out. Chrome ignores click and drag. Does anyone know how to stop this? Also, I'm getting fps drops in firefox for some reason. It says 600-700 potential fps but still drops below 60 every minute or so. Weird. Also, safari and ie don't support pointer lock.
  5. I can't reproduce the error. I can post my code if you would like? Have you never seen this before?
  6. So when I run my game sometimes it works fine, and sometimes I'm getting these errors: WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: texParameter: no texture bound to GL_TEXTURE_2D WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: generateMipmap: no texture bound to GL_TEXTURE_2D WebGL: drawElements: texture bound to texture unit 0 is not renderable. It maybe non-power-of-2 and have incompatible texture filtering or is not 'texture complete'. Or the texture is Float or Half Float type with linear filtering while OES_float_linear or OES_half_float_linear extension is not enabled. (this last one one is happening every frame). First
  7. As you can tell I'm very new to gamedev with js. How would I go about extending/modifying this class to use in my project. Thanks for any help for this noob.
  8. After a while of testing i figured out how to set angular sensibility to be the exact same as the game I wanted. Thank you for the fov info!
  9. I'll leave this up in case any one is wondering, it is caused by the plane both casting shadows and receiving shadows. (It's casting a shadow on itself)
  10. What is causing the shadow on the plane to be acting strangely? https://i.imgur.com/8h40Nhb.png It is not happening on the horizontal plane that is the ground.
  11. Also, is there a way to only change the x value of the sensibility or only the y?
  12. Ya I know about the angularSensibility. However it is not equating to the same mouse movement I'm getting in other games. If I set Unity 3D 5's sensitivity to 10, it is much less than if set angularSensibility to 10 or 100. Basically any simple ratio it doesn't really equate between any game and babylon . So how does it get it's value for sensitivity? Also, if I set fov to 1.29154, will that be 74 degrees fov vertically (as in the horizontal fov will change depending on aspect ratio)? Thanks for any help.
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