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  1. RT @weismanjake: There's no sadness like the sadness of my friends in their 30s who are being forced to learn how to use snapchat to furtheā€¦

  2. Hello! I am totally new to both phaser and game development, but have been working with friends to build a 2D sidescroller using ninja physics. I cannot get the gamepad to work, and all the examples I see for the gamepad on the phaser site seem to be non-functional as well. We are using a custom build of phaser to include ninja physics, and all my code is here: I can get the pad to show up, but the buttons just do nothing. I was following this example, but now I feel silly for that, since it doesn't seem to work, either: Can anyone point me to a working example of a phaser gamepad with ninja physics, or just a general direction for getting this working? Thank you!!