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  1. does it decode faster than phaser's? I actually managed to use the cordova plugin I mentioned before and by changing the encoding method I used for my mp3 (, and not using the plugin's "preloadSimple" function, the problem was solved, at least on android, haven't checked on ios yet. thanks!
  2. Hey, the music for my game is 2:00 minutes long, when I wait for it to decode on the desktop in all browsers it is bearable, but with cordova + crosswalk it is much much longer, I tried using , but it doesn't work well for me, the sound on android is delayed much more than using the phaser sound, and it sometimes simply doesn't work... stuck etc. any advice on this subject? Thanks a lot!
  3. I am using Visual Studio Community, after you create a typescript project, in the project properties you have an option to "combine javascript output into file", really comfortable. (screenshot attached) other than that use node / npm to refresh the page when developing, I am using this for development - good luck! Lior
  4. Hi all! I was wondering, what are you doing with your finished HTML5 games? converting to a mobile app and releasing on the app stores? looking for publishers for a sponsorship? put it under a rock? something else? my thoughts are of course also money related... thanks a lot, Lior
  5. Hi, I had a FPS problem on the ipad so I made a test checking the fps when tinting a BitmapText: create() { for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) { var xxx = this.add.bitmapText(0, i * 5, "font_KEY", "ABCDEFG"); xxx.fontSize = 64; xxx.tint = 0x000000; } } render() {, 500, 100, "#000000"); } this brings the FPS on my computer to 12, and on the ipad to 0... as soon as I comment the tint line: //xxx.tint = 0x000000; the FPS goes up to 60 on both the computer and ipad. with only 1 tinted BitmapText object, the FPS on the ipad drops to around 20 fps. I made this test with phaser 2.4.4 and 2.4.6 should I not tint BitmapText? thanks, Lior
  6. yes I think you are right @Icculus I tried adding the dead to a temp array and then destroying the children afterwards and everything is working. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi, I have this code: console.log("top dead: " + this.topGrp.countDead()); // 3 this.topGrp.forEachDead((child) => { console.log("destroy top"); // only 2 times in chrome's console child.destroy(); }, this); topGrp is a group the function countDead() returns 3, and then forEachDead is iterating only 2 time, I see this in the console and only 2 object in my game are destroyed... help?? thanks! Lior
  8. I ended up avoiding the repeat function and doing something like that: var speedData = [ { spawnInterval: 5000, spawnTimes: 2 }, { spawnInterval: 1000, spawnTimes: 5 }, etc... ] var nextDuration = 0; speedData.forEach((speedData) => { for (var i = 0; i < speedData.spawnTimes; i++) { this.timer.add(nextDuration, THE_CALLBACK, this); nextDuration += speedData.spawnInterval; } }, this);
  9. Hi all, I want to do something simple, tell a Phaser.Timer to: repeat 10 times in speed A, wait A seconds then repeat 3 times in speed B, wait B seconds then repeat X times in speed C wait C seconds etc... Is there a simple way of doing that? thanks! Lior
  10. Hi I was wondering if I should explicitly destroy all the tweens that I create? I am moving objects on screen every few seconds with one time tweens like so: this.state.add.tween(child).to({ y: prevY + this.blockHeight }, 300, Phaser.Easing.Quadratic.In, true)is it destroyed automatically after the tween is completed or should I destroy it? thanks Lior
  11. Hi, I would like to create 2 instances of Phaser.Text, each with a different text size, and center them to the middle of the screen as if they were 1 block of text. for example something like that: 1st row of text 2nd row of text is there a quick and easy way to do that? thanks! Lior