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  1. Hsaka

    Snake 99

    Inspired by Tetris 99 for the Nintendo Switch, here's a local multiplayer snake game that supports as many players as your WiFi network can handle! Play Snake 99 Built with Phaser 3
  2. Hsaka


    Thanks for playing guys
  3. Hsaka


    Quicket - A cricket game for people who don't necessarily like cricket Play it here: Quicket Get it for Android here: Quicket Android It's cricket mixed with a puzzle game! Blast fours, smash sixes and beat your friends on the leaderboard! There are several different modes to play including Classic, Run Chase and lots of challenge modes, each with their own leaderboards. Built with Phaser.
  4. Here's a small game I built for a monthly gamejam (theme: Halloween - you are the monster) Candy Devil: http://www.gamepyong.com/candydevil/ You're an evil bastard, but you have a sweet tooth. It's Halloween; the perfect time to scare some kiddies and loot their candy. Unfortunately, The Good Guys™ have detected your presence and are launching a rocket barrage at you. Mission: Collect candy. Dodge rockets. Survive! This game was written in Phaser and works on any modern browser, both desktop and mobile. Happy Halloween!
  5. Hi, I've just released a new game made with Phaser - Firewords Fly your kite and collect letters to make words. The longer the word, the bigger the score and the more time you get. Grab coins to unlock new kites. Try to earn a spot on the global leaderboard or just take it easy in Zen mode. Play Firewords It's available for Android as well. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Screenshots:
  6. Congratulations! It would be very interesting to hear about the problems you faced getting Curvatron on Steam.
  7. index will be -1 at some point (you can debug your code as it's running using the chrome dev tools and you'll see it happen). Just check that index has a valid value before using it.
  8. Can you try this game which includes that line and see if it's jerky? http://www.gamepyong.com/wizzaman
  9. Can you try setting game.forceSingleUpdate = true;And see if you still get the judder?
  10. Hi, thanks for playing! When you play the game for the first time, we jump you directly into the first level and bypass the level select screen (since you have to start at level 1 anyway). The game doesn't really end; there is literally an endless number of levels to play which get progressively more difficult. The goals to work toward are really to collect gold (for unlocking new levels) and to get lucky tickets (for getting gold and unlocking new spells). You get 1 lucky ticket for every 1000 stars you collect. In the Android app on the play store, there is an incentivized advertising co
  11. Thanks for your advice Rich, it's always very useful. I've improved the enemy AI so they won't get stuck and also reduced the time taken to plant spells. The explosion is now bigger too.
  12. Thanks guys, I've reduced the difficulty level significantly by removing wall deaths. Please let me know your thoughts.
  13. Thanks for playing guys Is it too difficult because running into walls === death? I figured that the ability to queue up a turn before you actually reach a corner would mitigate against that. I'll try adding a life system and see how that works.
  14. Hi guys, here's my new game built with Phaser: WizzaMan It's a mash-up of Pacman, Bomberman, Snake and dungeon-crawling. Swipe your way through endless unique dungeons and destroy hordes of enemies! Check it out on Google Play or in your browser here: http://www.gamepyong.com/wizzaman Please let me know what you think. FEATURES: - An infinite number of unique dungeons to play - Tons of enemies to destroy - Access new dungeons by collecting loot - Find lucky tickets to win gold and unlock spells - Unleash 12 different spell attacks and buffs NOTE: Full game available on Google Play. Th
  15. Hi, try using the latest version of Phaser and including the following line in preload: game.forceSingleUpdate = true;I've attached a version of your example which works smoothly for me. It uses Phaser 2.3 repro.zip
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