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  1. No thanks, no Tint. Bunnies will be replaced with star textures. I want it as simple as possible.
  2. @ivan.popelyshev Last question, I promise :). As I use simple random() to place the particles, sometimes the coordinates match so that 2-3 rabbits are in same place, what looks bad. Any advice for that? Some link, article, algorithm?
  3. No!!!! I got it now!
  4. Yeah, it does fix the error. I still don't understand the problem with array (it's just array with references to objects) and how is that connected with particles container, but I'll try later, going line by line with smaller amounts. And will change the logic, so no stars out of screen are not removed, but moved to the beginning again. Thanks again!
  5. Here is a test case
  6. @ivan.popelyshev But isn't it a bug of pixi? The maggots array has nothing to do with particles container children. It a separate mapper. The order doesn't count there. When one is removed on is added to particle container and something goe's wrong there.
  7. @ivan.popelyshev In the line 56 (console.log(sprites.children.length);) I can see abnormal numbers of particles and that's why they disapear sometimes not in right time. I don't understand is it a bug of PIXI, or in my logic, as when I read from code, as one particle is removed, only then one is added. So it should always stay constant. :/
  8. Deal! Actually I figure it out and my demo will be ready soon. Tank you.
  9. But I will work on the idea, tnx.
  10. Ok. Cool tnx. But Object that come near do appear bigger, so have can I live without Scale?
  11. The image will be static BG, and stars shooting by. Why can't pixi handle this alone at good speed? Simple as I just need to get the projection right.
  12. Hi guys. I want to create a effect in PIXI, that looks like first frames in this video -> (stars shooting/flying by). What would more experienced PIXI'oniers advice to achieve such effect? Performance is critical, I want it also to work on mobiles. For now I'm thinking: 1) Particle container, that's for sure? Maybe with some 1-3 star sprites? 2) Projection plane for start movement? Or just calculate it with some custom simple logic?
  13. Roadmap... future plans... current status, etc. Thins that belong in ablog
  14. Check what? Commits? That's kind of different thing
  15. In menu -> "Resources"
  16. Its down for almost a month or something like that. No updates, no news, nothing :/
  17. trsh

    Scale text question

    So, I have a text in size 200x50, and wan't to scale it down precisely 2 times (100x25) option 1) Scale 0,5. This sucks, as the quality is crewed (more on up-scale, less downscale, but anyways it is..) and I can't afford that in my project. option 2) FontSize/2. This sucks as well in my case, because it wont be precisely 100x25. So are there any alternative options, so I get the precise size and quality as well? Some kind of scale + re-render, duno?
  18. trsh

    Gradients in pixi4

    Works well. The creation can take some 500ms, so better do this on some loading stage.
  19. trsh

    Gradients in pixi4

    Ok. Thanks will try tomorrow.
  20. trsh

    Gradients in pixi4

    My desired effect is something like But the colors are set on runtime.
  21. trsh

    Gradients in pixi4

    I also Plan for canvas. So filters won't be an option. Do have any example code for your 2rd and 3rd proposal? I did not get it this time.
  22. trsh

    Gradients in pixi4

    What's the latest recommended way in pixi4 to draw linear gradient in Sprite, without using and image for texture (run time gen.)?
  23. Warning! Your TAB in browser will freeze.
  24. I think there some another problem, that's Container related