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  1. Btw can I set accessible on PIXI.Graphics with hitArea and interactive set? Seems is not working. By I don't know if this feature is working at all.
  2. Mhm. Maybe someone can fix this page?? It's not working, because the libraries are not loaded?
  3. I'm checking out this and the demo. I can't see it working. I see no 'HTML layer that sits over the top of a Pixi renderer'. Was this canceled orsmth?
  4. trsh

    Phaser + Overlap2D

    Why Phaser devs are nor collaborating with overlap2d? Read this thread:
  5. Really nobody? Do pixi JS devs check this form time to time?
  6. See here If you scale bunnies to original size bunny.scale.set(1); and drag bunny around in even fast speed, you can see that it always falling back some ~20 pixels and snapping precisely when mouse stops. Any ideas, how to do a code, where dragged sprite would be precisely on mouse position? Like getting mouse pos right before draw call & then adjusting it, or I don't know ?
  7. Yeah, but imagine I have a kind of intro in my game (sprite animations - MovieClip). When that ends, those animations will no longer be needed in the level. Is in not wise then to clear them totaly from memory, to free space for later added ones?
  8. I do stage.removeChild, as i wont need it later. But does it free the gpu mem?
  9. I have googled a lot and haven't really found any good materials on tips how to improve render performance, or have to not screw it up. Please share if u know. 1 question from my side: Is there any point to free movie clips, sprites and them textures when they are not needed? Like the character goes behind the scene. Will that freeing not result in a LAG? If yes, what's the best approach?
  10. I'm loading a huge animation spritessheet ~5000x4000. 1) Asset loader PIXI.loader .add('assets/dance.json')............ 2) Adding to stage var frames = []; for (var i = 0; i < xxx; i++) { var val = pad(i, 3); frames.push(PIXI.Texture.fromFrame('xxx' + val + '.png')); } xxx = new PIXI.extras.MovieClip(frames); xxx.loop = true; xxx.visible = false; stage.addChild(xxx);3) At some point I want to make it visible to user and start playing deerDance['movie'].visible = true;deerDance['movie'].play();When It happens there is and half-second or more a LAG (fps drop or rather everything stops in the scene) and then it plays very well with good fps. Is there any way to avoid this? Pre..load..something. So when it plays it goes smooth? Best, janis