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  1. i 've done another work with phaser and its'location is there is no error in the console log but still black screen.
  2. what i think is maybe there is somthin' wrong with your algorithm. not only because there is no such function in the doc ,but also in many other programe languages, on GDI programming there is no such way to do it. maybe you should try another way. Lewster32's post is just what i thought,too not directly but useful.
  3. thanks for your brilliant work, but it won't work. actually after debug for a while i found it can't work if we bind the function when windows.startTouch. what i 've done is trigger it when the resouces and assets are ready and start the state. otherwise, there is no canvas can be found because $('#app_canvas canvas').length is 0. regards.
  4. well I don't know why there are differences between devices. I am using xiaomi 2 , it doesn' work while it works on Huawei Honor perfectly. is this a bug or i fogot do anythin'? regards.
  5. first, thank u for replying. this problem only occured when it run on the mobile device like apple or meizu . and i cannot make sure if there is any error. but when I run it on PC browser just like Chrome there are no errors and it performs perfect. in my opinion there should be no error because the audio is running well and when i touch the screen there is a correct repsonse.
  6. first thanks for view this. i am a fresh guy about phaser and maybe my problem si really a easy question. sorry for that. OK ,let's get to the point. I wrote a game using Phaser a few days ago,today someone tell me that it cannot open the second time. well.i started on solving it.but had no gain on this. when it opened the first time ,there 's no question.but when the second time , it would be all black and there still plays the sound ,and when i touch the screen ,it gives me response. so i was confused ,it seems that,all the functions are works normally except the display. is there any one comes to my problems ? regards.