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  1. No, sorry if it's looked like (and I'm french, sorry for my english level) .
  2. I've created a tower defense multiplayer online with Phaser for a school project. It's not finished yet but you can try to play and tell me what you think about it !
  3. Three months later, I managed to make this game alive ! You can check it out following this link : I used the following method which solved pretty much all my synchronization problems : forceSingleUpdate = true;
  4. Thank you for your answer Jos. Yes, I'm doing more like P2P style. Each client has some authority over its own state but the server is checking regularly if the render is the same in all clients. I will keep thinking about it and if I manage to make this game alive, I'll post you the link to see it
  5. Hi guys, At first, I want to apologize for my bad english. I'll try to do my best. I'm creating a phaser multiplayers game based on the tower defense concept. There is a wave of monsters who walks along a specific path during an undertermined time (until every monsters of the wave died). Each monster of the wave is a sprite which has his own tween. Here I encountered 2 problems : 1) If I open a new tab in the browser running phaser, do some stuff, and come back to the tab with phaser, some tweens are crashing and the path of some of the monsters (not all) is not respected anymore. Do you know what could happened ? 2) As a multiplayer games, Im using sockets to establish a communication between clients and server. When all clients are ready, the server give them the order to start the wave of monsters, the tween.start() is launched at the same time on every clients phaser instance. But I noticed that, for some reasons I ignore, there is a small delay between clients, and the monsters are not at the exact same position in all browsers players. How could I fix that ? Thank you all for taking your time to help me.