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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I just added a basic version to the first post, which sets fixed sprite properties so it's more similar to pixi.js bunnymark.
  2. I was looking for a good bunnymark example in phaser, but couldn't find a decent one, so I wrote one myself: There are two versions: Basic: http://phaser.io/sandbox/Pjdxyqzl/play all sprites have same scale, angle, rotation Custom: http://phaser.io/sandbox/dgCnSvCW/play all sprites have random scale, angle, rotation Two versions have the same code, but just different options set. - Click on the game to create bunnies. (Well, technically phaser-dudes) - There are options in preload to customize it. - All sprites are respawned from their original spawn point after they slow down. It
  3. I'm not sure. I think it's without tween. I'm not very good with Phaser yet, it's done by just changing the angle property. But in general, I think tween should be the first thing to drop I guess.
  4. Thanks s-p-n, changing the fps stuff really made a big change for this example. Still, I'm looking for more optimizations. I'm very flexible on everything in the game, except the resolution. I mean, if sprite rotation is too expensive, I will make a game with not many rotating sprites. If some other operation is expensive, I'm willing to cut them off too.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I updated the game in sandbox. I'm not sure if it's any better though.
  6. Here is my test scene in sandbox Basically it just displays 100 - 200 sprites rotating. On my pc, if I set the game size to 1280x720, I get around 20fps. If I use an older Phaser version, it can go up to 40, but still not enough.
  7. I'm working on a high resolution (1920x1080) desktop game using electron (http://electron.atom.io/) as shell. Everything works fine, except I'm a little disappointed with the performance. I wasn't expecting native performance of course, but it's worse than I expected... If you have any tips for phaser performance that has worked for you (with or without electron), please share. I can sacrifice some features and 'm willing to hack into engine files. For example: - Most of the sprites in the game will be 2 colors only. If we somehow change the rendering process to use this information and
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