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  1. @Alectora thanks for playing my game. I plan to completely change the tutorial section.I'll look into the other thing you mentioned.
  2. @Milton thanks for the feedback. Originally i wanted to do all the tutorial by graphical hints. In the end I choose text because it was easier to implement. You're right i should've done it the right way. The automatic reload thing needs some alternation in the source code (I did similar thing in a different game. Here i thought i'll give player some choice so they can fill any color they want. You know what i think i'll do both). ANYWAY ANYONE PLAYED IN A PHONE. I think it has some performance issues there. And at the moment i don't have a clue how to solve that.
  3. @leonylyner duly noted. I'll try to add some of the features you mentioned. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Hi, Everyone. this is my first game ( At least the one that got completed). I wanted to make some money out of it. Since this is my first game, I didn't have high hopes. But I got rejected by every sponsor I contacted ( I mean the few who replied). So, Anyone who can give me some pointer on how I can make this game or any future game that I'll be making better. please check out my game lolly match . Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  5. How do you create your bitmap font ( i know what software you use). I'm using webfontloader.js to load ttf or similar file type. if you need different charecter type for completely different languge like korean, not every font supports that. So, how do you compose all of that into one bitmap file and if i wanted to do it my way which is loading a full font file what do you suugest would be the best approach.
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