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  1. Getting Error While Importing BabylonJs Editor to Unity(2019.1.3f1) 1.No BabylonJs Tools found in Unity (After Importing 2.C# Compiler Error(Microsoft (R) Visual C# Compiler version (9d34608e) )
  2. Hi, Could anybody please tell me how to pass the .babylon file for "incremental loading solution in console application" or to "MakeIncremental.exe" for converting .Babylonjs file to .incremental.babylon For EX: Name : "Scene.babylon" is the file which i exported from unity MakeIncremental.exe path: C:\Users\Kishore\Downloads\MakeIncremental\bin\Debug\MakeIncremental.exe .babylon file path: "C:\Users\Kishore\Documents\unity projects\sample" the file located in. texture Path: "C:\Users\Kishore\Documents\unity projects\sample" Through windows cmd i tried below line but its not executing C:\Users\Kishore\Downloads\MakeIncremental\bin\Debug\MakeIncremental.exe /i:\"C:\Users\Kishore\Documents\unity projects\sample\Scene.babylon" [/textures]
  3. I want the camera to move in path with provide vectors. for example: var path=[new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 0),new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 5, 0),new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 0, 5),new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 5, 5),new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 5, 10)] Like above i will give some vector3 array so the camera has to move in that path only. just like animation where will provide start and end point, here will provide some array.
  4. Hi All, I want to move(Like animation without pressing keys) Freecamera in a uneven path (vector3 array). For ex: I think the same question has been asked in our forum by other people. and i searched in some of the threads and in BABYLONJS Animation tutorial also, but it was like Start point and end point.using animation we can move from one point to another point. i have implemented TweenLite for moving camera, it is working but the the movement is smooth . but i want to move camera automatically in a series of provided vectors(vectors array) like animation.
  5. Hi adam, Thanks for the solutions provided by you. Frustum technique is a good concept but in my case this is not that much useful as i want avoid the meshes which are behind the other objects.
  6. Hi aWeirdo , Thanks for your suggestion and the valuable time you spent for me. the above concept will work when the camera is moving in straight path. For example in the below screenshot if the camera is in 1st position i can at least disable some meshes in 1st room, but if the camera is in 2nd position i think it is not possible to disable meshes in any room .. Is there any method like that the mesh is visible or not visible to camera in current frame.
  7. Hi Deltakosh, can we skip the mesh not to be rendered when camera is not able to see that mesh. in below screenshot camera is able to see two meshes so active indices count is 3912. in below screenshot sphere is behind the ground mesh so any how it is required to render the sphere, so can we skip that object from being rendered, so that active indices count also will be reduced. i have seen LOD concept but it is not helpful for my situation. The reason why i am asking this is, in my scene the objects in other room also getting rendered when camera is at that direction actually those are behind the wall . because of that my active indices count is very high and my scene performance is very slow. sorry for my poor English, but at least i think you guys understand what i am trying to explain.
  8. Thanks Deltakosh. i have two questions : how to keep refresh rate of shadow to once because the content is static. how to keep refresh rate of mirror to once because the content is static.
  9. for(var i = 0; i < scene.meshes.length; i++) { if("meshparent")){ probe.renderList.push(scene.getMeshByName(scene.meshes); } } like this i am filtering the meshes from the scene, making all the necessary meshes as child to a parent, so that i can includes only these meshes in reflection probe. previously i didn't used any refreshrate, but now i am using probe.refreshRate = BABYLON.RenderTargetTexture.REFRESHRATE_RENDER_ONCE; now the scene performance is very good. i am very much worried about shadows when i use shadowgenerator for than 4 lights the scene is damn slow. for example: in hall atleast we should have 10 point light and shadows and when we apply shadows for all of them it is very slow. do you have any suggestion to overcome this issue.
  10. Hi marc, you cannot export buttons from unity. just like unity you have to create gui in babylonjs using canvas2d. here is the tutorial link . do practice on that for some time it is easy . and for mirrors in babylonjs please make the mesh visibility to 0.3 like that so the mesh behaves like a glass.
  11. Hi V!nc3r, can you please share your code so that i can refer the code, as i am also working on similar kind of project .where i need shadows for more than 4 lights, 2 mirror's and more than 10 meshes which need reflection probe . when i assigning all these, the scene is getting very slow. please share your thoughts ,how you doing things to improve scene performance. could you please explain me about 1. After loading the scene, just run it in the onload handler .
  12. can anybody please tell me how can i create .hdr file by using some jpg files in online. And is it possible to get the size of .hdr below 400kb.
  13. In Keyboard "S" or "Down Arrow" one more Example : Mansion Looking towards ground before clicking "Down Arrow" or "S" After Click and hold "Down Arrow" or "S"
  14. Hi, i don't know whether is this is a bug or not (or)i don't know whether other people experienced this behavior . when i press and hold back button while looking at ground the frecamera jumps into air and slowly it drops down. for example: take flat2009 look at ground . Click and hold back button camera jump sand touches the roof after that the camera start dropping slowly.