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  1. We hope that the game will feel a bit more unique, once we have introduced the new items and theme. Anyhow, thanks for the kind words.
  2. Thanks, we are happy that you enjoy the game
  3. You are probably thinking of qlympics IQ-Marathon, an old flash game. IQ-Marathon was the motivator for iKuh. We all liked the game-concept (flash not so much) of iKuh and we wanted to build our own levels, try out new items and we did not like the simplistic push-behaviour in the original (we wanted animals to be pushable while moving). Mainly we wanted these things, so we could play it ourselves. Regards, Martin
  4. Hi, some fellow students and I developed the game iKuh, which is freely playable online at and we are currently looking for feedback. The goal is to lead the cow to the trophy by dragging arrows from the inventory (right) to the field (left). Every animal that steps on an arrow will change its direction according to the arrow. That's the gist of it. It is intended for desktop-PCs and tablets. We used the impactJS-framework. The game was developed as part of the "Got Game?"-competition. What we already plan to change: - we have a set of new items implemented, that are not currently used in the levels (teleporter and arrows, that rotate when an animal steps on them) - we want to change the theme of the game (rather, we want to introduce a theme that makes a little bit more sense than a cow running towards a trophy) - we got ourselves a graphic designer to redo the graphics We would be most interested in feedback concerning: - gameplay, i.e. Are there situations that confuse you or that you find unintuitive? Are you happy with the introduction/tutorial or was there some point at the beginning where you did not know what to do? - level design, i.e. Which level do you like and which level suck? Thanks and best regards, Martin