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  1. Mini Side-Scroller made with Phaser 3! Just Collect the 3 food items and return them to the skewer. Sorry, no veggies or gluten-free(processed) treats.. just grass or phytoplankton fed meats and fish! Play Game here!
  2. With recent beta builds 19 and 20 I noticed images wouldn't load and just placeholders were showing with 0 errors in console. Try to load images with the same source code on my mac and they seem to load. This is in a local working enviro using Brackets editor on both platforms. Beta 18 with new events system is working fine. I was using the scene changing example code to test Thanks for your hard work guys!
  3. Hi, a simple phaser 3 game. It seems as I made it, Richard added stuff I needed to the build! It was funny because the timing was perfect! It's meant to be a really short play game Phaser 3 is really neat and I wanted to really use the web audio dynamic sound, but it didn't seem to work on some phones yet(the actual web audio api). I also noticed on my phone the scroll sprite for the front screen slows down after 4 minutes.maybe my phone
  4. Hi, I'm building a Phaser 3 game currently and looked into the new dynamic sound. I made a tiny bleep maker myself that has a core oscillator, a second oscillator for frequency modulation on the first, pitch bend on the first, and a third oscillator to create an "artifact" trailing sound(using same frequency mod as first oscillator)..its very simple ,I'm new to webaudio and thought someone else might have fun with it for funky bleeps. here's a test html: <html xmlns="" lang="en"> <head> <head> <body> <script> context = new AudioContext(); function start_Sfx(vco,fm,artifact) { context!=undefined?context.close():null; context = new AudioContext(); var core_vco = context.createOscillator(); //waveform type: "sine", "triangle", "square", "sawtooth" core_vco.type = vco.wave; core_vco.frequency.value = vco.freq; //frequency mod fm_source = context.createOscillator(); fm_source.frequency.value = fm.freq; fm_source.type = fm.wave; modulationGain = context.createGain(); modulationGain = context.createGain(); modulationGain.gain.value = 1000; fm_source.connect(modulationGain); modulationGain.connect(core_vco.detune); core_vco.connect(context.destination); //end //cheap pitch bend on first vco core_vco.frequency.setValueAtTime(vco.freq, context.currentTime); core_vco.frequency.linearRampToValueAtTime(vco.freq*vco.bendAmt,context.currentTime+vco.decay); //end //start vco and fm vco fm_source.start(context.currentTime); core_vco.start(context.currentTime); core_vco.stop(vco.decay); fm_source.stop(fm.decay); //artifact if(artifact!=undefined) { artifact_vco = context.createOscillator(); artifact_vco.type = artifact.wave; artifact_vco.frequency.value = artifact.freq; artifact_vco.connect(context.destination); modulationGain.connect(artifact_vco.detune); artifact_vco.start(context.currentTime+artifact.wait); artifact_vco.stop(artifact.decay); } } function playSound() { start_Sfx({wave:'square',freq:50,wait:.1,decay:.2,bendAmt:10},{wave:'sine',freq:10,wait:0,decay:1},{wave:'square',freq:200,wait:.1,decay:.2}); } </script> <button onClick="playSound()"><b>test audio</b></button> </body> </html>
  5. New Phaser game: Bottle Flip Flip. My first try with p2 physics vs Arcade physics, simple for now, but I'll likely add some stuff game in an Android wrapper
  6. My new Phaser game Karate Burger | Salt Chef. Tap around character to control him. same Phaser game in webview, generated in Android Studio with Firebase addons
  7. I'm testing one of my Phaser Games within a Webview, built using just Android Studio and Firebase (game in Phaser) I didn't use Cordova it cluttered my Android project and didn't seem to add any speed..etc , Here is the web and the Google Play link:
  8. Hi my new Phaser game : Serve Ramen goal: pickup order, go to other shop to pickup matching ramen and return without getting bullied dev goal: trying to make tiny tile games somewhat like early Nintendo games like Pie Factory tools: Phaser, Tiled, ASEsprite, Fruityloops(8bit peoples vst) and PShop
  9. play: distribution embed: <iframe src="" scrolling="no" width="500px" height="500px"></iframe>
  10. I made a new "mini tile" game using Phaser
  11. the states i have basically are preload, mainmenu, game...and once game is finished you can go back to main menu, then back to game.
  12. HI, When moving back and fourth between say a menu state and a gameplay state, is there a way to not rebuild an entire game or menu each time? init and create seem to get hit every time a state is started. I didn't see much in interphase about proper multiple use of a state, and in the game examples it seems states are always rebuilt each time you move between them. Is that technique better for GC than initilizing game elements just once and reusing? Thanks Ian S
  13. Hi, I added a very simple minigame using Phaser to Facebook here: I used the Facebook smash game lib here: and currently only utilized the friend request for share but might use the Facebook highscore share that's in their example for chip sounds I used this amazing vst for simple Facebook rev generation I used CPMstar: (which is allowed on Facebook) Connecting Phaser games to the Facebook Api using the smash code is ultra simple, at the end of their social.js class found at above link I just added this at end of class: function logFromGame(){ FB.init({ appId : 'ADD YOUR APP ID HERE', xfbml : true, version : 'v2.5' }); FB.Event.subscribe('auth.authResponseChange', onAuthResponseChange); FB.Event.subscribe('auth.statusChange', onStatusChange);} then once the Phaser game was loaded I called this method, then just made sure the Phaser game was added in the html before the social.js You might be asking "do people still play games on Facebook", yep and it seems they like very very simple html5 games made with Phaser! It seems better than submitting games the old skool way to arcades. Ian