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    Munchie Games got a reaction from in Serve Ramen game(Phaser) in Android shell   
    I'm testing one of my Phaser Games within a Webview, built using just Android Studio and Firebase (game in Phaser) I didn't use Cordova it cluttered my Android project and didn't seem to add any speed..etc , Here is the web and the Google Play link:
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    Munchie Games got a reaction from Zeephaser in new Phaser game Koala Rumble   
    I made a new "mini tile" game using Phaser

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    Munchie Games got a reaction from plicatibu in New Phaser minigame "Sour Lemon" on Facebook   
    I added a very simple minigame using Phaser to Facebook here:

    I used the Facebook smash game lib here:
    and currently only utilized the friend request for share but might use the Facebook highscore share that's in their example
    for chip sounds I used this amazing vst
    for simple Facebook rev generation I used CPMstar:  (which is allowed on Facebook)
    Connecting Phaser games to the Facebook Api using the smash code is ultra simple, at the end of their social.js class found at above link
    I just added this at end of class:
    function logFromGame() {   FB.init({       appId      : 'ADD YOUR APP ID HERE',       xfbml      : true,       version    : 'v2.5'     });     FB.Event.subscribe('auth.authResponseChange', onAuthResponseChange);     FB.Event.subscribe('auth.statusChange', onStatusChange); }   then once the Phaser game was loaded I called this method, then just made sure the Phaser game was added in the html before the social.js   You might be asking "do people still play games on Facebook", yep and it seems they like very very simple html5 games made with Phaser! It seems better than submitting games the old skool way to arcades.   Ian