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  1. Hi, I made 3 music machines (with Adobe Animate), just click on the characters so that they play the instrument. No score, levels, difficulty, just enjoying making music easily http://www.zanorg.com/musicmachines/country To play other machines, just click the "+" in the top left. Hope you'll enjoy ! kek
  2. I don't know much, I did not work only on this all days. But it should be something like 3-4 days (full)
  3. In fact it's an onion, and it's like a turbo, you can "fart" more bubbles in a lap of time Indeed it's based on missle command, with a mix of bubble bobbles. I like these simple retro games, fun to play and code !
  4. Hi all, as a 15 years flash developer, I think today I have to change technology to create games I tried a few engines, createjs etc, and Phaser. So far I like it, powerful, easy to use for an actionscript developer. I made a little game, not the game of the century, but just to know for me how long it would take to create a "flash game" but without flash. I tried to put a lot of common things in this game (sounds, tweens, etc) and it took me 5x more time to create this game rather than with flash (I made graphics and code). I guess next time i'll be faster, but it will still be
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