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  1. I don't think using physics on client side works. Latency and inconsistency would make the game hard to develop and maintain. And we are still not talking about anti-cheat. In multi-player model, client-side should be only rendering engine, everything else must be on server-side ( physics, game logic, user management,...)
  2. If it is a must for you to use Phaser on server side, the only solution I could find is using it with a headless browser, like ZombieJS or CasperJS.
  3. Very recent game I developed. The AI is quite weak since the game is for 7+ year-old children. Enjoy http://avengers.marvelkids.com/games/avengers-tactics
  4. Well, the manager and artist are from a game studio. I'm just a freelance developer We worked on many big and small projects, so you could say that trust is already earned.
  5. I am the only developer. There's an artist and a manager, of course.
  6. One of the game in Spider-man series I developed one year ago. Enjoy http://spiderman.marvelkids.com/games/spider-man-wall-crawler
  7. One of the game in Spider-man series I developed one year ago. Enjoy http://spiderman.marvelkids.com/games/spider-man-web-shooter
  8. isl.js is the "DRM" lib from Marvel. I only developed the game. Maybe it has some issue with your browser.
  9. This JS file is minified, if that's what you mean
  10. A game in a series of small games about Spiderman I made for Marvel a year ago. Enjoy! http://spiderman.marvelkids.com/games/spider-man-rescue-mission
  11. Very recent game I made for Marvel, using Phaser 2.4 Enjoy http://guardiansofthegalaxy.marvelkids.com/games/guardians-of-the-galaxy-defend-the-galaxy
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