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    [Phaser] Awaken

    Hahaha, thank you ! Now, because of your comment I want to continue on this game Actually I still have to 2 (big) projects in mind RTS (warcraft 2 alike) Bullet hell shooter / RPG (Realm of the mad god alike) Both of them would be interesting to develop in multiplayer with nodejs (which I never used...) But whatever I decide to do, I don't have a lot of time that I can spend on side projects. So don't expect to see a new update or a new game soon.
  2. Your game could be really cool but I think that the rotation around the satellite is really hard. The progress bar decrease too fast when you're not exactly on "the circle" and I stop playing it because of that. Too much frustrating. Or maybe I'm just bad But graphics and animations are perfect.
  3. Frank

    [Phaser] Awaken

    Thank you very much for your feedback ! Well, about the graphics I'm really not good at it. So I tried to keep the style as simple as possible. Also, Yep, I should probably add a mute button for the music. To be honest, for now, I'm not planning to add/change features in the game. Not because I think he's good enough but I want to keep moving on differents projects. But if one day I decide to continue this game developement there's the list of what I want to do : Combo system for the scoring Arena survival mode Leaderboard (Well, assuming people don't cheat... ) A mute button ! I forgot, I had to present this project to my class. So, I had to make a "speedrun" version :
  4. Hello everyone! I forgot to present the game that I made some months ago. It was initially created for a school project. That was my very first project with Phaser and I'm not familiar with javascript pattern, so some pieces of code may be strange... But feel free to reuse for your own project. Source : Demo : "speedrun" version : (Made for the school presentation)
  5. That didn't work as simple for me with the fullscreen in chrome (didn't tested with others navigators) I solved it by adding a listener on webkitfullscreenchange and then reset collisions in it. It was kinda strange because resizing the game world and then reset collisions worked perfectly for me. By the way, thank you for this link, you saved my day !