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  1. Never mind, I figured it out. this.input.on('pointerdown', (pointer, targets) => { this.input.addUpCallback(()=>{'', '_blank'); },true) });
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble with browsers blocking popups. I know the rule is that it needs to be in response to a user action. Is this a bug with phaser? this.input.on('pointerdown', (pointer, targets) => {'', '_blank'); }); Thanks
  3. I have figured it out. You need to turn on "Allow messages" from your game. This may be a new change. I don't know but it solved the problem.
  4. I have never got it to return true. Even with updated google pixel on latest android version.
  5. Great! Thanks for the input! I usually use node-canvas but it requires many non node decencies. I'll have to see about PhantomJS .
  6. For those who have experience with developing out a facebook messenger game bot. Have any of you created a bot that generates images dynamically via user profile images? If so, what is your process for this? Are you using node-canvas? Are you creating the image on the client side and then passing the created image to the bot for future use? How did you tackle this problem? Thanks for any insight you bring Example
  7. I believe it only took a few days. We integrated ads before we submitted the game from the start. I found the people at the official facebook group helpful if you run into problems.
  8. Thanks a lot for your Feedback! Yeah the game is not easy haha. Most people rage quit within 100m, so we're working on that. As for the scores not loading, I'm currently working on fixing that . Thanks again
  9. I had fun with it. The API they have is fairly easy to work with. Yes, Advertising is integrated. (Interstitials and Rewarded Videos) . In game purchases are only for Android at the moment and we didn't integrate them. It is possible tho. The organic traffic is fairly good so far from what we're seeing. The platform lends itself well to quick small competitive games.
  10. Hi everyone! With the help of Phaser 3 I introduce... Free Rider Jumps! This is using the facebook messenger platform. The first instant game by Kano . Available on desktop, and mobile . Its a single track. Goal is to get the best score you can. You earn points by going the distance and doing it with style by doing tricks! Mobile & Desktop on Messenger Search "Free Rider Jumps" or try Desktop Only on FB Still some work to do on it, like music / sounds, but the bulk of what we wanted is there. Feel free to give feedback / ask questions.
  11. Edit: Never mind. Typescript Type Docs are just incorrect This must be an easy solution, but I can't figure it out. I'm trying to make phaser render with a transparent background, but I'm getting a black background every time. Here is my initialization new Phaser.Game({ type: Phaser.AUTO, width: Config.width, height: Config.height, scene: Scenes, parent:document.getElementById('game'), "render.transparent": true }); Anything I'm doing incorrectly? Thanks again,
  12. It's some how fixed itself. Thanks a ton for the input!
  13. I'm not, but that points me in a better direction, I'll see if that gets triggered. 🙏
  14. Hi all. I am currently developing a facebook instant game with Phaser 3 for the company I work for. One big issue that I can't seem to debug is that the game periodically loses input if it's backgrounded (as in the messenger app is backgrounded) and brought back to the forefront. One it loses input, it won't regain. It's as if it loses focus and won't refocus. The ticker is still going and it's rendering movement. Has anyone else had this issue? Anything to point me in the right direction would be great help. Cheers,
  15. As many of you may already know, currently while using the Facebook iOS App, clicking on a link results in viewing a website/ game in a web-view within the app . This is great, except that the web-view is locked in portrait mode. Many of our games require landscape mode to be played correctly In order for this to be resolved, or to be given attention, the bug needs subscribers. Please help this get attention and subscribe to the bug. I have contacted an engineer at Facebook, and he simply stated the bug needs subscribers to be brought up in meetings. Thanks Guys!!
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    Free Rider HD

    Thanks a lot ! Glad you like it @DuckfaceNinja
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    Free Rider HD

    @userbarna Thanks for the feedback! Tech Details Web Interace - Backbone.js - Pubsub Backend - PHP - Custom Framework - MongoDB - Memcached Game - Canvas - Easeljs
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    Free Rider HD

    @owendeery , Thanks ! Glad you like it. We utilized the Reddit algorithm for trending tracks. We should see better trending results once we release our track creator.
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    Free Rider HD

    Thanks for your support! Ya , did my best to get it as responsive as i could on all resolutions As for your last question. its not a silly question at all. Canvas Rider was developed by a someone who de-compiled the flash version Free Rider 2 and converted it to HTML5 / javascript without permission from the Free Rider 2 developers.Obviously a serious issue, with legal ramifications, so I won't be getting into any more details,Basically Canvas Rider was using unauthorized Free Rider code and was not a sequel. Free Rider HD is an official sequel where we are working with the original creator. Canvas Rider is no longer being developed.
  20. Free Rider HD Hi everyone I wanted to share** a game that I (along with other team members) have been working on for the last half of 2013. Free Rider HD is a sequel to the classic flash game , Free Rider. Rewritten in HTML5, Free Rider HD performs much better, and is more responsive than its previous versions. It is playable on modern browsers, and most modern mobile devices. Features: 2 vehicles ( more to come ) Asynchronous Multiplayer ( load multiple ghosts at any time , playing against top competitors) Mobile Controls Notifications Track Creator (coming very soon) Campaigns & Achievements (coming soon) We are constantly working on new features / fixing bugs etc. Feel free to give feedback, would love your support , good or bad. Direct game link here Multiplayer race example (6 racers) here Community Forum **I posted in news & links a month back., didn't see this thread.
  21. There is a way to get the user back into fullscreen without the portrait -> lanscape fiasco @enpu is correct about the innerheight, You can check that height every so often, and display a div. You can stub in a div that allows the user to go back to fullscreen . Try this on ios7 Click the play button and you will see what i mean. Here is what the user sees Tada!
  22. Hey Guys ( & Gals) Thought this would be a good place to share what I (along with other team members) have been developing. I work for Kano/Apps Introducing Free Rider HD You may recognize this game, as its a sequel to Free Rider 1 & 2 & 3. We unblocked the IP this week, and would like to hear some feedback . We are not fully promote it quite yet as there is much to do. Couple features I would like to point out: Works on current mobile devices. Asynchronous multiplayer Must better performance over previous versions (press ~ to show fps)Features to come: Track Creator Campaign Mode Race sharing The site was built using Backbonejs, and the game was mainly raw javascript, with Createjs for sound and the odd sprite. Editor of choice: Sublime Anyways, Love this site, and let us know what you think. - Charlie