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  1. Hi, thanks for the input. It looks like there are multiple bugs with the process, and it's a lot trickier than I expected. It also forces you to use armatures, which seems unnecessary if you're not using bones. It seems a lot easier to just setup 1 animation in blender, export it, and split it into multiple animations manually. I'll go to the "Blender to babylon" Github page and beg them to export animations separately from the NLA tracks. That would make things very quick and simple! Thanks again
  2. Hello - can anyone explain how to create a simple blender object with 2 or more animations, for exporting to babylon? I can get a basic animation to work, but more than 1 is a mystery. I can't find any tutorials that explain this. I just want a really simple cube that moves sideways and up and down, as separate animations. Then I'll be able to understand how to setup multiple animations in blender, ready to be used in babylon. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I wonder if someone can supply a full working demo of a basic arc2? It's in the API docs, but it's not clear how to use it. I've tried using a lathe, but I can't get it to work. I'm using a quadraticBezier at the moment, and it doesn't quite give me the curve I want. Arc2 seems to be what I need, but as I said there are no code samples or playground examples for me to see the correct use/syntax. Just a really basic example would be enough for me to start playing with it. Thanks!
  4. Great. I'll look into your recommendations. I think I'll have to create an alternative for Safari tho because even the latest version struggles to run the basic babylon playground examples. Cheers
  5. Hello! Does anyone have time to lend a hand with some optimisation please? I've been trying to get some dynamic ring shapes to look good and respond well, and performance seems OK on PC's (I've tested on 3 or 4 PC's with varying specs). On Macs (iMac, recent macbook pro and a mac mini) the CPU shoots up to 99% in Safari, so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Even with texture reflection and refraction turned off and lower detail it's still very jumpy and slow. I updated chrome on the mac, which seemed to help and gave much better performance - but it's still far from the per
  6. So are you two both Babylon support? RE "the physics engine controlling them" - can animations be applied using the physics engine? I suppose the whole point of the physics engine is that objects behave according to the gravity settings you apply, but I wondered if for example you could have a bird flapping its wings whilst having physics applied to it? I guess that has to be done using animation without physics? I'm really impressed - it's very easy to pickup the basics from the examples in the playground. It's harder to progress from there tho. Googling my queries either giv
  7. Actually, I'm having trouble animating objects while gravity is on. Do you know why you cant animate objects when they have gravity applied to them? Thanks
  8. Nice one, but it's not quite there. If you look at the version on my site the puzzle drops away, and the blocks spin when the puzzle is completed. You only have to move the top left 3 cubes to complete the puzzle. I'm getting into BabylonJS. Just need to push through the initial pain, then I'll be producing some cool stuff.
  9. Here's something I put online. I don't have time to workout why the playground isn't playing ball I'm afraid http://tolli.co.uk/babylonjs/dragdrop/
  10. Well that was painful. Spent an hour trying to get it working in the playground, but it just wont work. I'm not impressed. Console reported errors with a toString function, and continued to produce the error when that line was commented out. Adding textures to the playground is also a pain. And plugins like oimo? God knows. Not good
  11. That code tag is pants. Doesn't work well at all Tried a few times, it doesn't like the HTML Nevermind
  12. Right, I'm new. Hello! This might help someone. It's an example of drag and drop, collision detection and physics (a drag puzzle game). I sketched it pretty quickly, and I'm sorry it's not commented. Bit messy but you should be able to grab the helpful bits. I had a nightmare putting this together to be honest, but on the 5th evening this is the result, so I'm pleased. I'll update it soon to make things clearer. SHARE YOURS! <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head> <script src="hand.js"></script> <script type="text/javas
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