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  1. Hello, found a bug in the matter physics engine collision detector, I'm working with polygonal colliders. When an object collides with another and passes through it the "collision end" event doesn't trigger until de object is outside the real shape of the sprite (image size). I'm attaching a small video of it in which I'm logging the collision between the small vert of the triangle against the body of the other triangle, you can see how the "collision end" triggers when the vert enters and leave from the same side but not when it goes through it (until leaving the image size). Hope it he
  2. Thanks for your help, certainly help me get into the correct direction to implement scene changes.
  3. That's a good solution, will also help with separating game and audio pause, thank you @NoxBrutalis. This gives me some more doubts about scene management: - When I change a scene, what parts of it keeps working? looks like audio keeps working, what about sprites? timers? script logic? - How can I clean/delete a scene on change?
  4. Hello, I just started doing test with phaser 3, so far is been really good. I'm having issues with sounds when changing scenes, lets call them "scene 1" and "scene 2", "scene 2" has a looping sound, when I go from "scene 1" to "scene 2" and back to "scene 1" the sound loop keeps playing in "scene 1", also if I repeat the process again the sound not only keeps looping but duplicates so I end up with two sound loops in "scene 1". Is there a way to clearing a scene when changing to another? I'm using Phaser 3.11 btw. Thanks.
  5. mm

    Sprite body anchor

    Hello, there is a small difference between the sprite body anchor between phaser 2.6 and older versions. In previous versions the body will anchor with the sprite anchor, meaning that if you set the sprite anchor to 0.5 in both axis the body stayed in the center of the sprite, changing the body size would keep it in centre, in the newer version the body is always anchored to the top left of the sprite regardless the anchor of the sprite. Is this behaviour intended? Just wondering if I should re-center my sprites bodies or if this will change to the old behaviour. Thanks.
  6. Hi, just upgraded from phaser 2.4.4 to 2.6.2 and I'm having trouble with sprites bodies. My sprites are set to an anchor of x 0.5 and y 0.5, the body was also being set at that position on 2.4.4 version but after updating the body doesn't change position when changing the anchor. Is there any way to move the sprite body to the center of the sprite? Thanks.
  7. Is it possible to change the tilemap size during gameplay in phaser? Thanks.
  8. Hello, I'm having an issue with setScaleMinMax property on sprites, I have two sprites, parent and child, the child is set to a min/max scale of .5 and the parent is scaling freely, I'm having odd results when scaling the parent. The parent also rotates, in some angles the child maintains the scale but in others it scales, what can I do to prevent the child from scaling? Thanks.
  9. I did a work-around to make it work, if anyone runs into this issue here's my solution: When comparing overlapping between the same group the objects itself count as overlap so any function will be called always, so, set into that function a validator for the objects which are colliding so it only runs when it meets the case you need; also I set some extra validators on the update so the function won't be called every frame but this last will depend on what you are looking to achieve
  10. But collide will move them in oposite directions, I want to set the positions myself, so when overlapping call a function that do positioning in the two sprites that overlapped.
  11. Hello, I'm having issues overlaping sprites that are in the same group, basically what I want to do is change the sprites position when they collide with another sprite from the same group, but when applying this.physics.arcade.overlap(group, group, function, null, this) seems like the sprites are colliding with itself and always calling the function. Am I on the right way path of doing what I want or is a better way to do it? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. I'll keep digging on it, thanks for the help thou.
  13. I don't want to apply CSS, I have a js code for retina images but I need to look for them with a given class
  14. Hi, I'm new with phaser and would like to know if there is any way to add html class or id tag to images and sprites so some properties can be apply. Regards.
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