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  1. @JCPalmer I agree with you and thanks for the tip about Blender. To explain more I'm developing an app where users will upload models themselves. So I'm investigating limits and what requirements I can set for users. This app will support WebGL2 only which supports pretty big numbers. So seems it's worth to make a server side tool that will convert obj files to .babylon files. @Deltakosh All is clear, thank you!
  2. Thank you for your reply. Still have some questions. 1) Do you mean that from the performance point of view it's better to use .babylon format? I tried to load ~110mb high poly object using .obj file. It worked well. Will it be converted quicker using .babylon format? 2) As I read in another posts .babylon files have limit of max ~64000 vertices, so I can't load big objects using .babylon format? Is it a limitation of .babylon format itself or just Blender export plugin?
  3. What benefits importing assets in .babylon format has over .obj format? Which is better for performance, especially for loading very big high poly objects (for example, 100mb)?
  4. yes, I usually don't move it in real life, so I decided to make it so it can't be moved.
  5. My first game done with Babylon.js. It's an MVP, simple but working Rubik's Cube ) Available also in Windows Store
  6. Hi all, I need something like fadeTo for sound, so the volume changes from 1.0 to 0.2. I looked at babylon source and decided to use private var _soundGain. introSound._soundGain.gain.setTargetAtTime(0.2, introSound._soundSource.context.currentTime + 1, 1); It works. But is there a way to apply Babylon animations to sound volume?