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  1. The web version was only used during development and I don't support it anymore, therefore I removed it, sorry.
  2. Hey everyone! Thanks for all the feedback, the game is finally out! Here are the links. iOS: Android: Website: Cheesy trailer:
  3. Thank you for the thorough feedback, marcgfx. I'll take it into account and change some stuff. If you re-visit the level where you used the hint, it should still be visible. Maybe it was on top of some other item you placed, or just hard to see. The level screen only updates if you restart, it's a bug, yes
  4. Yes it's not very realistic but it's part of the gameplay Which level was that? Maybe try using a hint, there's always a trick
  5. Thank you for the compliments. It does have a funky synthwave track though The editor exists so I could make levels, then I figured why not put it in the game as well
  6. You are absolutely right! The controls will obviously be explained in the help section once it's done :). Since it's meant for mobile, it uses lots of dragndrop/swipe controls. To move items from the bottom menu to the grid you need to drag and drop them. Alternately you can select an item in the menu by clicking it an then clicking again where you want to place it in the grid. To rotate an item you just click it. In menus, you need to drag-move, like you would swipe on a mobile phone to scroll down.
  7. Pretty fun. I would change the ground texture though, it makes it kind of hard to see the bots (unless that was intentional).
  8. Really cool graphics. Very hard with a mouse though.
  9. Reminds me of Super meat boy. I like the graphics and the fact that you have a health-bar instead of insta-death is nice. It runs very slow in full screen though (any browser).
  10. Hello everyone! Laser Dreams is my first real game and it's getting really close to being done (EDIT: it's done!). It's a mobile puzzle game where you need to guide all of the laser beams to the target using various items you can drag and drop and rotate by tapping on them. Although the idea is not exactly novel, I think some of it's features really set it apart. Most notable is the level editor, that allows the players to create new levels themselves. These levels can then be reviewed by me and published in the Player submitted levels stage. DOWNLOAD HERE: iOS: Android: Any advice and feedback is very welcome. Let me know what you think! Cheers!