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  1. Hi guys, I'm making an app that could be described as "Tinder for HTML5 Games". Essentially users get presented with a stream of games that they can play immediately, if they like any of them they get added to their library to be able to play later. I'm nearing completion of the Android version and want to do a trial to get an indication of the products viability before I continue with the iOS and the web implementations. The trial will be for around a month, but potentially longer if I don't get the results I'm hoping for, and will involve putting the Android version on Google Play with some pre-packaged games. For the foreseeable future the app will be free to download and will have no in-app-purchases or anything like that, it will simply be a showcase. Longer term I would like to have some kind of monetization strategy where the profits generated by the app get shared with the content creators, but I'll need to work out a lot of stuff before that happens. Anyway, if you are a game creator and want to help me out with some content for the trial hit me up here or message me. Your game needs to Be less than 5MB zipped Have touch controls Support both portrait and landscape (even if it's just a message saying to rotate your phone to the preferred orientation) Work on Android 5+ (the app uses Crosswalk, which means that it should behave consistently on older devices, so don't worry about fragmentation) Ideally not require any communication with a server beyond the initial download Looking forward to hearing from you - Chris
  2. With about 100 lines of Java (Android) or Objective C (iOS) you can write your own wrapper around the native webview on either platform. The compiled binary should be tiny and work as well, if not better, than PhoneGap or Cocoon. Obviously this only works if you don't use PhoneGap extensions in your code.