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  1. Thanks didn't use godot, only phaser for this one
  2. I used CocoonJS You can export to IOS aswell.
  3. Thank you! I agree that its a bit weird with the cannon at the front, I'm thinking of adding a side cannon game mode with customization options more similar to I think it would be good gameplay.
  4. Boost on right click would be great. Ill just have to find a way to get around the default browser feature when it shows "show image" when right clicking a canvas
  5. Hmm, its weird that it won't connect. What browser are you using? The cool down is visible because it is manage entirely by the client and doesn't require a server connection.
  6. Hello! We made an IO game called and you can play it here: Mobile app version here: IOS coming soon You are a pirate ship and you shall collect coins and shoot other ships. Coins are used to upgrade your boat. Controls: Use mouse to move Use left click to shoot Use space to boost Use 1, 2, 3 and 4 to upgrade your ship if you have enough money This game is made using Phaser, socketIO, NodeJS backend and Nginx for serving the static files. PLAY IT HERE: