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  1. Hi Enpu, looks good, it had to be ahrd work. BTW your rpg sample game looks like 3D but I didn't find 3D in Documentation. Is it using WebGL ? What is better in your engine in comparison to Phaser or Construct? Good job!
  2. Hi everybody, I am Juraj from We are based in Slovakia and we are authors of Adam and Eve series.. if you know it. We cooperate with Game Distribution for long time and I never had issue with them. I even visited their offices in Amsterdam in february 2020 and I can't say anything bad about these guys. Their business is big and I can imagine sometimes they are overloaded but they are not liers! I know Erol, Iuri, Marco, Astrid.. and others, in person and I consider them friends. They do their best and believe me, they don't need to steal or lie, they are professionals. The market sometimes looks like drops and raises but it is because of market and not because they manipulate with something. We are game developers and it is not easy work. Let's be creative and correct. Take care everybody.
  3. We are looking for experienced Phaser programmer for games who knows Phaser+Typescript but also Javascript of course. Please apply by email at