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  1. Many thanks for your try and your report mattstyles : I really appreciate it !
  2. The screenshot above is not the begining of the game, some buttons are greyed, there are buttons and icons, and inside buttons there is only two categories : setting and musical notes. And there is a text to lead you. Could you tell me what device you've used to open it ? Thanks ! Pascal
  3. Thank you very much for taking time to have a look So many buttons all over the interface ? Euh... no, only 3 when you launch the game the 1st time. And a text to explain how to play. Could you tell me what device you've used to open it ? Thanks again ! Pascal
  4. Hello, http://www.happynote.com/en/read-music-notes-hn/read-music-notes-hn.html This is a free educational game to learn to read music in G (Treble) Clef, from 2 to 17 musical notes. There is an Highscore : the more musical notes you know and the faster you play, the more points you can win. For example, with 2 notes, the maximum points is 100, with 3 notes, 200, etc. There is also a Championship mode with the 17 musical notes : the maximum score is 10 000 points and 1 wrong note = Game Over. The game should be stable, but I'm facing with a sound problem : when you win, below the Highscore, there is a link to go to a musical reading with the same music notes used in the game. The link opens in a new tab, with the musical reading. This is a musical reading with sound. If you play the sound then come back to the game tab, in IOS (Safari) and ANDROID (Chrome) the game sounds don't work anymore. If somebody have an idea...? Site : happynote.com It's about games to learn music, but except the present game, there are only Windows games. Some are free, some are not free. Thank you !