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  1. Finally I find a solution to achieve my rotation goal. I used the code who works (the one I need to give rotation to my model so I use the part with BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load and apply rotation to the meshes with Scene.meshes.rotation. So for my goal it's perfect However I still have problems with the other part of my code. It will stay a mystery Thank you all for your answers
  2. Yeah sure but I don't know how to do that .. Can you explain me?
  3. @Temechon Yes I really don't why my code isn't working in my project. I'm sure the problem come from the manifest. But if I try with the dropbox link in the playground, I have exactly the same error
  4. Thank you guys for all of your answers ! I had a complicated week, I can't answer before now @satguru I just try to add a scene.render in my code, and right the babylon background appears (you can check the attachment swingguide). However I haven't my 3D model ... @RaananW I just updated my version to 2.3 but that doesn't change.. I have always the same error with the manifest (in attachment). Thank you again for your help.
  5. Hello everybody, I have a problem with the function importMesh. I have a babylon file mades with bendler and I would like to import this component into my scene in order to be able to rotate this element. When I just Load the element with (BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load), it's working well. However, when I'm using importMesh nothing happens, I don't even have an error (just an error which says myfile.babylon.material is not found but I read this error could appear from my browser). I don't know how to fix this problem. Does anyone have an idea? I have exported my files from my p
  6. Damn Deltakosh, I love you ! haha it's working perfectly with iframe. I would like to code in the "angular way" and I forgot basis like iframe Thank you very much for your help !
  7. <div class="globalcontainer"> <section class="loading" ng-include="'views/loading.html'"> </div> Hello Deltakosh, Thank you for your quick answer ! Actually no, I don't open it with an iframe. I'm using ng-include which is an angular directive used to include html pages. Loading.html is my page with my 3D environment which is working perfectly when I just double click on the html file. Do you want more code? I will make some test with an iframe to see if something changes.
  8. Hello guys I meet some trouble with BabylonJS and AngularJS. I have an angular project and some babylonJS scripts. I would like to integrate my babylon pages into my pages made with angular. When I just open a babylon page by double clicking, everything is working well. When I ask to angular to open this same page into another page (with a div for instance with ng-include), my 3D environment loads and appears without problems while one second and then all my lights shut down but I still can see my animation working (but in the dark). I have an error in the console "WebGL is not su
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