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  1. You do know what website this is right?
  2. Maybe but I like that the animals are so recognizable and the graphics are so big that even on the smallest phone they're playable (since you have to touch them instead of just watching them fall). If they were too much smaller it would be hard to play in 4.x inch phones and most peoples fingers would be too big to accurately select them. Yea, its perfect for killing a few minutes.
  3. You can click the links under the 1st picture to play in 2 diff sizes. Its also on Android but you can play the HTML5 version from the links on this page.
  4. [320x480] [480x720] Hi all. I'm a newbie here but boy am I glad I found with site. Finally a forum that clearly focuses on the challenges of producing and monetizing HTML5 content. I've really learned a lot about the issues and reality of the HTML5 marketplace by reading this forum BUT I've noticed a lack of GM:Studio content. In the comments a few (mostly True Valhalla) developers mention GM:Studio and its capabilities but most vastly underestimate what its capable of. I find that its and incredibly capable 2D tool. Its main weakness for HTML5 is the awkwardness of integrating SDK's into it. You can make extensions to bridge the gap but thats an area I'm not too familiar with so I cant speak to the ease/difficulty of it. This is a little project I completed this weekend (about 72 hours) for HTML5/Android that I've having a lot of fun with (I LOVE that GM:Studio can do multi-platform development so easily). I also have a few more of my GM:Studio projects that I'm giving the HTML5 treatment to show the power of the platform. I'll be posting them here to wave the GM:Studio flag but in the interim give Zoo Escape! a spin. Its good for a few minutes of your time. (Its also available for licensing. Its surprisingly sticky for such a simple game).
  5. As a GM:Studio user those benefits sound nice but I just cant leave GM. Its just so easy and fast!! for development. Some people hate on GML but I'm continually amazed by the number of 2D specific programming commands that do SO much of the heavy lifting for you. Its the first game environment I've ever used that really fulfills the promise of letting me focus mainly on game design instead of figuring out a script to do 'X'. Its 2D toolbox is ridiculously deep and after a lifetime of 'roll-your-own' I appreciate its ruthless efficiency for creating multi-platform 2D game. The ONLY thing I dont like about it is the IDE but thats a complaint I can live with since the stuff that impacts game creation is pretty rock solid AND it has the cheapest asset store in gaming. Most of the plugins are only $1 and even the complex extensions are under $4. Its an amazing gaming eco-system.
  6. I agree with this. You need to be able to come/go AND play with bots or by yourself. If nobody else is online. Prob 10 minutes of self directed play might be enough time for someone to log in help and populate the world.
  7. Was this a in-house project or a contract job?
  8. Why did you remove the game from Facebook? Publishing issue?
  9. This is exactly with GameMaker is!! You can create very polished stuff in GM:Studio and also nobody seriously makes games in GM using drag/drop. It has its own language called GML thats very sophisticated for making 2D games. I just created my 1st android app with it and it was fast and fun. I'll PM you the link.