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  1. No Construct 2? Damn, I just have started with phaser! Viel Erfolg bei der Suche!
  2. @KirUn Hahaha, yea that camera, first I thought it's a bit heavy too, but I got used to it, it seems. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I have made this. http://uncertainstudio.com/html5games/BeeHoney/ You played it? Please share a few words. <3
  4. I live in Bonn, it's just 30km from here to cologne. I think I will show up.
  5. In general Text is not recommended for smooth gameplay on mobile. In Construct 2 we have SpriteFonts, don't know if it's in Phaser though.
  6. agree, it's very laggy. I like the unit control approach. The horse map seems unwinnable, need more space to circulate the front to get into the archers?
  7. Hm, my 4ghz intel 3770k could not handle it. Maybe it's Chrome. -> Tested in Firefox now, seems better, but after some event happend the framerate dropped heavly. I like the style of that game, didnt really get what to do, thought I have to get the colored cubes at first, bit confusing.
  8. New game AnimalsAirFight. Made it in 3-4 days, however without any social contact in that time. What do you think? Destroy it! As I need to fail faster. Play it here: AnimalsAirFight
  9. @michaelcalkins thank you! Yes thats true, should they aim into my fly direction? I hope this is not getting to hard then, this game aims to casual gamers. ----EDIT-- Updated the enemy shots, player ship got more hp now, because it got harder. Some graphics are better now too.
  10. This type of games would make my highschool games go over the roof. Teachers should have a tool to create this type of games for their students. Good Job. +I agree to the little unprecise questions mention above.
  11. Really fun! I would love to find some new crazy weapons in there. This game would make all sorts of crazy exploding stuff so much fun.. DESTRUCTION!! Ah, and personally i would like another main char -the smiley looks stupid. But i hate Pacman's look too..
  12. I have made arrows like this and I have simply faked the look of it's path in the air by just making the angle of the arrow changing at the right time. The archer fires his arrow up and to the right, for let's say 10px and then goes down to the X,Y position you like.
  13. Thank you for your feedback! ! Great feedback! I will respond soon! (have to go to GF now..) ------------------------------------- Ok, I'am back. The acceleration and fire controls are a bit weird, yea. Maybe I should make the laserbeam firing constantly and making the player focus more on dodging and special attacks. I have reduced the enemy bullet dmg since it was to hard for my non gamer(or heavy casual gamer) friends. But I will increase the enemy bullet dmg after the laserbeam constant firing change. The trail looks like a bug? Ok, i have thought about it as a trace
  14. Hello, now it's my turn. I have made a game I had always in mind, and it got totally different, as most of the times ideas don't work and you have to change a lot. However, here is Attack On Humans. It's aimed for mobile devices. I need feedback, especially about things I could have totally overlooked. So tell me everything you notice or think this or that is a bad design idea etc. Thank you! Play it here: http://uncertainstudio.com/html5games/AttackOnHumans/
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