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  1. Hello guys, I just completed a little demo: a very small VR scene editor. I'll be very happy if you wanna try and give me back some feedback. Don't forget also to get a look into the code Thanks
  2. about c++ events and handle
  3. Yes! after all yours answers I share that opinion
  4. Hi guys, Thanks to temechon and omar for replies! @OMAR your answer is great! Now I have a good argument to answer next time. thanks a lot!!!
  5. Hi guys, I was in a talk where a guy asked to me : 'why using babylon.js to create game with webgl if now unity export a completed webgl application?' I don't know how unity exporters works, but... Do you have any opinion about it? This question blow my mind Thanks
  6. Hi Pryme8, Sorry I see your post post just now. Alligned to amorgan answer, I created a method that save some information about position and other stuff inside local storage. This is enough for me. Do you have any different idea about it?
  7. Hi guys, Do you know any best conference focused on front end and new open source technologies in europe? Thanks a lot
  8. Hi guys, Here turin again I would know if there are any techniques to save the state of game in babylon.js I use a game object as a root of entire canvas (as described into learning babylon.js ebook). I create an angular app and I would to change the route without loose the current game. I thinking about saving the state inside the $rootscope and reload it when I need. But I'm not sure that is a good way. Do you know any idea about it? Thanks
  9. Ok guys! My friend find the solutions: Thanks a lot for the support ^^
  10. Hey guys! Here Turin !!! First of all I want to regards you for the support! I will regard especially wingnut about the event to understand how to use event "when the cube sleep" . My mate, that works in this project with me, find that solution: var matrix = self.getWorldMatrix(); matrix = matrix.clone(); matrix.setTranslation(new BABYLON.Vector3(0,0,0)); var vx = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(new BABYLON.Vector3(1,0,0), matrix).normalize(); var vy = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(new BABYLON.Vector3(0,1,0), matrix).normalize(); var vz = BABYLON.Vector3.TransformCoordinates(new BABYLON.Vector3(0,0,1), matrix).normalize(); console.log(vx.x + " " + vx.y + " " + vx.z ); console.log(vy.x + " " + vy.y + " " + vy.z ); console.log(vz.x + " " + vz.y + " " + vz.z ); But I'm waiting to understand how this could works I hope that it could be for you a little help. here the playground:
  11. Hi detlakosh! Thanks, I posted here a very simple example: When the cube stop rotating I would to recognize which face look up. Just to simulate a dice's launch. Thanks a lot
  12. Hi guys, I hope this is the right way to ask this question: I would to create a dice to launch and discover the results. I started with this code: //GUI: dice for launch 'use strict'; brainCrashGameFactories .factory('Dice', ['$rootScope','GameObject', function($rootScope,GameObject){ var Dice = function(game) {,"dice",game);; this.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(3,3,3); this.rotationQuaternion = BABYLON.Quaternion.RotationYawPitchRoll(0,Math.PI/8,0); var vertexData = BABYLON.VertexData.CreateBox(0.3,BABYLON.Mesh.DEFAULTSIDE); vertexData.applyToMesh(this);; var material = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial('groundMaterial',; material.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.5, 0.5, 1); this.material = material; this.checkCollisions = true; this.setPhysicsState({impostor: BABYLON.PhysicsEngine.BoxImpostor, mass:1, friction:0.3, restitution:1}); this.applyImpulse(new BABYLON.Vector3(0.5,0.5,0), this.position); var localPosition = this.getPositionExpressedInLocalSpace(); var that=this; setInterval(function(){ console.log(that.rotationQuaternion);},1000); /*var mq = this.rotationQuaternion; var q = BABYLON.Quaternion.RotationAxis(BABYLON.Axis.Y, s); this.rotationQuaternion = q.multiply(mq); this.body.body.setQuaternion(this.rotationQuaternion); this.body.body.sleeping = false;*/ } Dice.prototype = Object.create(GameObject.prototype); Dice.prototype.constructor = Dice; return Dice; }]); I would know if is possibile to understand when the dice stop to roll and understand the result. I would to know which face of the cube look up! Do you know any way to do this? Thanks a lot
  13. hi @temechon I started your book last week to prepare a game for an hackaton. I bought the completed version. I worked with three.js before ,following a lot of book to develop webgl app, and I found your approach great! Mainly Usefull for newbies of babylon like me! I started very quickly to developing and creating enviroment. I want to reccomend this book to anybody would to start with babylon.js and webgl. after the hackaton I'll share my code on github. You can use like you want Thanks a lot