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  1. Thanks Rich... and it was only possible thanks to your work!! I had a speech (italian) about phaser @ university of Salerno in November... it was really fun!! Phaser changed my free time!!! ahuahuahhaa!!
  2. Just4fun game, developed with phaser+typescript. http://xmas2016.zero89.it You are the Governor of Campania (south of Italy)... and you must save Salerno (my city) from the Evil Imperial invasion.... Why "fried fish edition"... its a complex story related to a vote exchange in last italian constitutional referendum... hauhaahahauh!! Never mind... just play! tnx in advance for any feeback! Here a video about Salerno... and Penguins!
  3. @BlackOpzFX: It was an in-house project developed during Christmas holidays! @bruno_: Thanks a lot! @staff0rd: Right, because I developed this game for our 2k16 kickoff party... for internal play. A good add on could be to add an in game profile detail for each photo.... i know that is also difficult to see the eyes color in some photo. However it was developed just for fun.
  4. Using Phaser I have created this simple "guess who" game for the 2k16 Agency kickoff party. http://www.zero89.it/it/2/articles/dettaglio-212-guess-who-healthware-international.aspx Thanks in advance for any comment.