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  1. Can I do the same with free camera?
  2. Hey guys! thanks for all the answers in the other topic, those helped me a lot ;). I have a doubt, how can I set a min angle and max angle for my camera rotation? because I don't want my camera to rotate 360° . What I tried is to let a little box to follow the camera and it has a collision with some walls in order to stop showing the part I don't want to. it worked but the effects are really ugly. That's is solution, as I mentioned It's has some ugly effects and is not always exact. var prevTarget= jQuery.extend(true, {}, camera.getTarget()); //OP1 scene.registerBeforeRender(function () { for(var i in objs)//the walls I mentioned if (objs[i].intersectsMesh(sphere, true) && scene.isReady()) camera.setTarget(prevTarget); prevTarget= jQuery.extend(true, {}, camera.getTarget()); }); //or //OP2 (more precise) setInterval(function(){ for(var i in objs) //the walls I mentioned if (objs[i].intersectsMesh(sphere, true) && scene.isReady()) camera.setTarget(prevTarget); prevTarget= jQuery.extend(true, {}, camera.rotation); },0.1); I hope a better way to do it, thanks guys for supporting us
  3. Thanks it worked, what about reflection and shadow? I used raytrace in a standard material with no luck. I don't find doc about how to make a whole scene compatible with 3dmax.
  4. Guys you're amazing, Thanks a lot. . mmmmm, You know why some planes are not being shown ? it's because of culling? can I disable culling in my JS code?
  5. Thanks, I think that's why I have no textures on my scene. I still don't know why some models moved from their original places....
  6. Hello, guys! thanks for all responses and sorry for my very late answer. Yeah I use Vray Objects that would be the problem, however, can you tell me what other incompatibilities I have to concern? mmm all my textures were in the same folder, I tried to put them outside too.
  7. Thanks, It exports the complete model now. thanks you. I don't want to bother but, [15:54:19]: Error while trying to load texture: texturename.jpg now I'm getting this error, for every texture, the model is in the same file of the textures. Another question, What program was used for modeling this ? Thanks a lot.
  8. Excuse me, what could be an alternative to do this? Would it be problem of some design compatibility? thanks for your time!
  9. Hello guys, I really like to use BabylonJs in my projects, is so useful. However I'm having a problem with a model exporting it from 3dsMax 2016 to .babylon format with the plugin of the last push in babylonjs repository. The log responses with "Exportation cancelled: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I read some answers from different post in this forum talking about objects that not are in the scene, It's the problem? Ok, I read in github that I have to use the exporter till 3dsMax2015, however I use the exporten in a cube, directional light and a free camera ,so I believed that it may work in the current in the version I'm using of 3dsMax. Expecting your help, thanks in advance.