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  1. Here’s my process of moving from a mock-up to final assets that can scale to any screen size. Need an artist? Email info@hayes2d.com
  2. Exploring styles and themes before settling on The Hidden Doubloon! A pirate themed memory puzzle game. If you need help finding that perfect look for your upcoming creation, get in touch at info@hayes2d.com
  3. Hi Folks, just a quick update to let you know we have an opening to take on more freelance work. If you need help finding the perfect look for your game send us an email to info@hayes2d.com
  4. “A gauntlet and his shepherd” Finding the right style doesn’t always have to start with level concepts. Need to find the right look for your game? www.hayes2d.com
  5. Find out more about my design process with episode 3 of my art direction series. If you need help finding the right look for your game get in touch at rob@hayes2d.com
  6. Episode 3 is now live! In this episode, I take on all your feedback and work on adding it to the chosen concepts. As always, I love to hear your thoughts and questions!
  7. Some games can have an unlimited number of potential styles, working from concept to final assets I can help find the perfect look. Email rob@hayes2d.com
  8. Here's what I made in those last two videos: If you need help finding the right look for your game get in touch at rob@hayes2d.com
  9. It’s taking me a little longer than usual to find the time for editing and VO this week which has put a bit of a delay on episode 3. So to hopefully make up for this, here’s a preview of one of the mock-ups I’ve been working on for episode 4!
  10. Episode 3 is recorded! They’re messy but very important. In this stage I take on all the feedback and see how it works with the original concepts. They are a little rough around the edges but they’re perfect tools for creating the next stage of mock-ups. Voice over and editing still remain so I'll keep you folks posted when I can.
  11. @hotfeet Thanks for the feedback and sub! Couldn't agree more, concept 4 could be improved but right now it's a little too unfocused. I also have the suggestion of mixing some of the elements in concept 3 and 5. Particularly with the higher contrasting background. I think there's something to be said about how well concept #3's foreground stands out. I'll be totaling up the votes later today. So far 5 and 6 are clear winners though can definitely stand to be improved with some of the more successful elements on the others. If all goes to plan I'll have episode 3 ready later today!
  12. Hey Folks, If you've ever wanted to know more about my process when designing a new style check this series out: Episode 1: Episode 2: Get in touch at rob@hayes2d.com if your game needs a new look!
  13. Here are the finished concepts ready for the next stage. Do you have a favorite?
  14. Episode 2 is now live! Again, if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it.
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