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  1. I've been working on a 4x game for mobile and desktop using phaser - Increstellar It's a little strategy game that's built on the basis of approachability, borrowing heavily from the incremental genre to maintain a sense of progression and direction while trying to avoid the problems related to being unable to play a whole match in a single sitting and getting lost on resuming play midgame - it plays nicely on mobile and tablets and it's a nice coffee breaker if you're into that sort of things. There's everything you'd expect from a 4x: build facilities to improve your economy,
  2. nvm figured out that rendertexture works on canvas too and has a getImage method that gives back an html element
  3. I've built an html5 game with an action are built with phaser. I'm generating sprites on the fly composing randomly various elements. For some of the icons in the html game interface I wanted to use those same sprites, but can't find how to export a sprite with children into a data url or something that I can put into an Img/background-url is there a way to get the raw pixels out of a sprite and it's children tree as laid out on the phaser canvas?
  4. nice! I do miss the ability of going straight, and of course the yeti. press F to pay speed to the yeti.
  5. found out the issue, needed to add game.politicalOL.blendMode = PIXI.blendModes.ADD; to the child but I don't understand why NORMAL does a SCREEN, beside, ADD seems correct but what I wanted was the kind of layer mixing paint programs call 'default', this one will saturate color instead of masking it with the topmost.
  6. I'm writing a game and since the map will be quite big, I'm running the game logic in a GLSL shader. the pipeline works, I see stuff getting updated etc, my only problem is when I try to create a political overlay of the calculated results. In the map (attached screen) the yellow area is colonized. the problem is, no matter what alpha I return in my fragment, it's this almost but not quite solid yellow. filter is super simple; if colonized (blue channel of the texture) then emit that player color (fixed yellow for now to simplify): vec4 oc = texture2D(uSampler
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