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  1. Are you doing any animation with these images? Doesn't sound like a huge memory footprint, but you probably want to give more information about the machine you are testing on. 208 * 208 * 15 * 4 (one byte for each colour value in a pixel and one more byte for alpha) is 649 KB also if the framerate is dipping it suggests to me that either your are animating these images, or you are redrawing frames unnecessarily if nothing is changing.
  2. I enjoyed this game for it's simplicity and how difficult it was to get the ball in the cup. At first glance wasn't sure how to interact, but picked it up fairly quickly (I didn't initially read the instructions) Fun little game, good job.
  3. Unfortunately there are lots of gambling companies producing this sort of thing. With the demise of flash there is a large need to port across existing online slot machines. From a personal standpoint I don't particularly like the moral implications of this line of work, but certainly as an introductory project, it is interesting. In terms of the game itself, the interface is easy to understand, the reel spin action is certainly well animated. The spin-line thing doesn't work because you only have one row of fruit
  4. The game is easy to understand right from the off, introducing the first level before going to the level selection screen is a nice touch. You've been sensible with the graphics and redraw areas to ensure good performance too. Perhaps a little plain, and loading took a while and I have a great internet connection here. Perhaps sounds and fx could be mutable seperately... Nice work!
  5. This is a bit mad. The retro feel made me chuckle. I enjoyed it for that reason. And the frame rate is good. Definitely could use some tutelage. Even just a simple screen that tells you what is good and bad before you find out the hard way. Controls were a little clunky at times. Liked the auto-generating levels very much.
  6. Thought the animation in this was very nicely done. And the UI is intuitive. Interested to see what the performance is like on Mobile, but judging from the UI I'd say this is targeted mainly for desktop / laptop?
  7. Hi Marcgfx, That's a fair comment. I am actually using the click event opposed to mousedown / touchdown. It is something I will definitely be changing. This has the undesired effect that firing a cannon happens when you lift your finger off the mousepad. Using an ordinary mouse like I did meant it wasn't particularly issue. But certainly for anyone using touch it becomes a bigger problem. Next version it will be updated to mousedown / touchdown. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. That is a good point. OK, so more needs to be done to indicate the entrance. I don't think the poster is going to give the game away either. Will keep it in mind.
  9. Thanks for the feedback staff0rd, glad you like the game! Actually it can be completed. Maybe it isn't obvious enough? If you watch the youtube video I've demostrated completing it successfully. It is fairly tricky to get the last part right, as you are supposed to go through the hole in the electric fence, if you miss the cannon the cat can bounce back up off the binbag. After that you are supposed to go inside the purple factory (where the light is coming from) We put a poster there saying beware of the dogs to hint at it too. But perhaps this isn't obvious enough? As for the continual roll issue. That's more to do with the physics and the cat not having enough friction. I'll be sorting this out for the next demo as he should certainly grind to a halt much sooner. But if you stop you are supposed to be prompted to retry the level. I'll take this into account for the next one. Appreciate it.
  10. I created a new demo game using the createjs framework. It performs well on all modern browsers and most recent mobile devices. A lot of attention was put towards frame rates and optimization. Link to the game is here: Video Here: For further information about Freshly Squeezed Games, my website is here: Image here: