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  1. Can you show us in the the babylonjs-playground http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/
  2. Try to put it in the babylon js-playground so we can see it
  3. Hello , I search for this topic a lot but i don't get any similaire. I find an example for a plan in this topic : So ,I'm trying to apply a texture for my custom mesh. I've got failure and i don't why . If I apply it with a sphere or any Babylon meshes it runs ok. this is a playground link : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#VTDRC#1 I noticed that there is an [uvs] table and I don't have any idea how to make it and is it necessary to implement the texture ?
  4. Thank you it was very useful , it is exactly what i need.
  5. @JohnK , @NasimiAsl I'm trying to generate forms so for that i manipulate all the Matrix (positions,normal,indice) i used my_mesh.dispose; my_mesh=null ; but after a few time using the application it comes slow , so i need a method that it init my sean to a blank step without load memory for the meshes that are disposed. @JohnK I'm sorry but i cannot put it in the playground or show any exemple because it is confidential. i wish that you understand that
  6. Hi everyone I'm trying to change the same meshes values to a new one. The problem that the old instance is still rendered in the scene over the new one. Is there is a way to clean the canvas or the sean or to clean the old meshes state ?
  7. I'm trying to make an Angular2-Beta9 component that contains a canvas for the Babylonjs call but the console provide me an error : Uncaught Error: WebGL not supported angular2-polyfills.js:1250 Engine @ babylon.2.1.debug.js:5344 (anonymous function) @ SceneLoader.js:980 Zone.run @ angular2-polyfills.js:1243 zoneBoundFn @ angular2-polyfills.js:1220 If i use the canvas outside Angular works well. I'm not sure if there is a specefic method to integrate BabylonsJs with Angular2-beta9. Im ready to migrate to an other Angular2 beta-x if it provides a solution.
  8. thanks guys for the the solutions and the ideas that you provide.
  9. Is it possible to insert a html code inside babylon.js to show a menu ? If it is true ; can anyone give me an example