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  1. Hi guys! I am newbie in html5 gamedev, I would like to share with you my first desktop html5 game. Feel free to feedback and suggestions. Every rate, facebook like and twitter followers are greatly appreciate. Thanks for your support ! JustRun it's a prototype of game, which was created using HTML5 technology. Now it's avaliable to play at We apriciate every comment and rate at to help future development of the game. The basics of JustRun: Our hero is stuck at the moving maze to escape you must find lever which opens a way to exit. Also, you have to find at least one gem to score points and compete with other players. There are three gems in maze, more collected means better score. Be careful there are increasing number of monsters in the maze, dead equals to 0 scored points. Time does matter for the score so be fast. Will you risk collecting all 3 gems ? PLAY Controls: ARROW KEYS - moving (hold) Z - sprint X - action key Special thanks to Rajawali and Vibrato for creating monster sprite used in the game. Visit Us Like Us Tweet Us